All of us have ever felt the feeling of overwhelming fear and inability to do what we have to. Whether in public or in private, this happens often to the ever-rising fears every human-being caters inside. We may love them or hate them but there is no way we can avoid them. Unless brave enough to fight the hardest ones and turning them into our strengths. This is exactly what the main character of Charlotte Scott-Wilson did in the short film “Hold on”. 

Having won a few worldwide contests in the short film category back in 2017, this piece is nothing but a teaching piece of art to seen by everyone. Once a person gets to cope with a fear of being looked at and judged, he or she can bravely participate in the free adult webcam sites as there is nothing to be afraid of. However, before you reach this point there is a huge way of resentment, embarrassment and most awfully, overwhelming fear. 

“Holding On” And Winning Numerous Competitions

Director and screenwriter Charlotte Scott-Wilson was born in Scotland and is a Dutch Film Academy graduate. She began her career in film production and produced several television features and co-productions. Her last production was The Holiday and premiered at Sundance in 2018. However, “Hold On” remains her most acknowledge piece of art. 

Below are some reasons for such a great public resonance this piece provoked:

  • musicians should stop fearing their own feelings: this message was transmitted to viewers all over the world in a highly dynamic, bold and inventive manner.  Scott-Wilson believes that classical music community should encourage musicians not to fear their feelings – be it good or bad – and „embrace” them instead of numbing them. After all, fear is natural and what makes us human; 
  • incredible performance by Charlie Chan Dagelet: it is not the only scenario that makes this short film worth watching but also the genuine performance of the main character, Kyra. She is a young talented cellist who develops stage fright after one of her strings breaks during an important concert. A viewer can see the significant transformation of the character in the course of the film and it is owing to Charlie’s convincing performance; 
  • embracement of anxiety: director wanted to put an emphasis on the way artists cope with anxiety in daily life. Given how seamless and smooth stage performances often are, many people simply underestimate the effort musicians are putting into this. Such a perspective has to be changed in the book of Charlotte Scott-Wilson. And she did change it in this piece. 

All in all, this 22-minute long story of an incredibly talented cellist coping with her stage fears is a must-see for everyone feeling anxiety or lacking confidence. It has so much to teach not only for musicians but also for common people who cannot cope with alike situations in their daily lives. Such a topic and amazing execution make the piece worth of everyone’s attention.