When GoPro cameras came along they made extreme video recording possible for almost any amateur, to the highest delights of surfers, skiers and skydivers. But semi-pro filmmakers also began drooling, and invested in GoPro cameras for their extreme shots.

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Things became even more extreme when Drones started becoming more accessible to people, where filmmakers now started taking their cameras to the skies to produce exhilarating pans and flythroughs which, not too long ago were things never seen nor expected in short films.

See short film Superman With a GOPRO

An auto-follow drone for GoPro cameras

Well things are about to become even more extreme and much easier for filmmakers; welcome the AirDog! An auto-follow drone for GoPro cameras. Built for the extreme sports enthusiasts who love to get the extreme shots of their new tricks and moves, the AirDog will become an exciting and affordable tool for professional and amateurs filmmakers.

What is it?

AirDog is your new sidekick and personal cameraman. The drone, attached with your GoPro cam will automatically fly and follow your path at desired height and angle. Equipped with an active gyro-stabilizer, the AirDog ensures stable and smooth shots even while flying at 40 mph!


How does it work?

The AirDog comes with an AirLeash, a device that you can strap around your wrist or ankle, or even in a backpack (to hide from the cameras). The AirLeash sends wireless signals to your drone where it detects and follows the device keeping a smooth distance that was preset before the flight or changed in mid-flight from the device, or from the AirDog iOS or Android app.

The Sky is The Limit

The sky is the limit, just imagine the possibilities! The shots that amateur and aspiring filmmakers can only dream of have suddenly become much more affordable! Visit the AirDog Kickstarter campaign to see how you can contribute and be one of the first to get their hands on the new dog! And now’s the time to get involved, AirDog has some pretty sweet awards and deals worth jumping on!

We want to see your results! Submit your AirDog films or even shots to Film Shortage.