It’s within films that we are shown the glamour and excitement that comes with casinos. It might even be from a film scene in this list that people were first enticed to visit a casino.

With a whole range of games to play from lightning roulette to poker to slot games – there’s always going to be something to enjoy. But if you’re looking to live vicariously through a film version of a casino, we’ve got a whole bunch of recommendations for you.

The very best roulette scenes in films

Indecent Proposal

This is one of the most popular films from its era so it’s no surprise that the roulette scene is just as iconic. The film itself is set just after the Great Recession where money was scarce. People couldn’t get jobs to cover their debts, so they had to turn to alternative means.
The characters of Diana and David Murphy start the film with the loss of their house. They had made the mistake of buying it just before the recession hit and are left with their life in tatters afterwards.
In a desperate attempt to make their money back, they flee to Las Vegas and try their hand at casino gaming to get out of their financial issues. They pick roulette tables as their way out but end up losing even more money.
The scene where they lose might bring back some terrible memories for anyone who has suffered a big loss on the tables. However, all we can do is learn from the mistakes made by those in the film.
It serves not just as a great film, but as a warning to anyone who thinks they can gamble themselves out of a poor financial situation.

Diamonds Are Forever

This is another classic film from a world-renowned franchise to add to the list. The scene from Diamonds Are Forever is one that you’re bound to remember, even if you haven’t seen the film itself.
It’s referenced in so many other parts of pop culture that makes it instantly recognisable. Sean Connery is one of the world’s most loved Bond’s and his swagger makes this scene the legend that it is.
Shirley Bassey belts out the incredible soundtrack in this scene as Sean makes his way around to the roulette table. The audience wait with bated breath to see what 007 has up his sleeve. He places the same amount of money on the same number every time and it’s clear that he has some kind of strategy but we’re not sure what.
This probably isn’t the best strategy to use yourself on a roulette table and it doesn’t even come through for 007 in the end. It’s the craps table that he makes his legendary win.
Regardless of the outcome, the scene is certainly one that goes down in casino scene history.

Run Lola Run

This film shows the audience a perfect example of how a stroke of luck can change your life. But it is important to note that it could just as easily go badly as successfully.
Run Lola Run follows the journey of the protagonist Lola as she tries to help her boyfriend win back the money that he’s mistakenly left on the subway. With no other options in sight, she runs to the closest casino with $100 and places her bet on a lucky number.
By some stroke of luck, she wins and then continues to win as she keeps wagering. This unusual period of luck means that she manages to pay her boyfriends debts and keep him from a lot of trouble.
There’s never usually a strategy to use in roulette but it shows that sometimes the stars just happen to align. It’s the perfect remedy if you’ve chosen to watch An Indecent Proposal first time round!


We usually live out the casino scenes in films through the eyes of the people playing the games. However, as the title of the film suggests, we see everything through the eyes of the croupier who is working the table.
The protagonist Jack Manfred is a failed writer who has to admit partial defeat and take a job as a croupier to pay the bills. Slowly but surely, Jack gets sucked into the casino world and gets entangled in a love affair with one of his colleagues. He is also caught up in the knowledge that one of his colleagues is cheating the casino.
As the narrative progresses, Jack gets more caught up in the scandals behind the scenes at the casino. Everything he learns ends up being excellent material for a book but is he too far gone by the time he achieves the success he was wishing for?
There’s nothing quite like playing a game at a casino but these films definitely come a close second. Which one are you watching first?