It’s our favorite time of year again, where all the spooky shorts start creeping out from the ashes. This year we take a look back at some of our favorite Horror shorts from the last year, which are an unavoidable thrillers for the season. There’s something truly special about this time of year. Be sure to follow our Halloween Week tag for all this year’s fresh incoming Halloween films!


by Bret Miller

A Gothic parable, where the terrors of the dead are outweighed by the terrors of loved ones being forgotten by the passage of time.

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by Benji Allred & Merik Richardson

On the run from a blood thirsty killer, a young woman desperately turns to an online tutorial video to learn “how to load a revolver.”

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Portrait of God

by Dylan Clark

A religious girl prepares a presentation about a painting titled “Portrait of God”. What she sees challenges her beliefs.

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by Cameron Gallagher

With a unique power to Lucid Dream, a widower must find his dead wife before she is consumed by a nightmarish entity

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Meshes of the After

by Meg Case & Brad Porter

A retelling of Meshes of the Afternoon (1943), Maya Deren’s formative avant-garde film, a psychogeographical journey through the shifting landscape of a woman’s home, mutating between experience, imagination, and causation in a recursively developing labyrinthine vision.

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The Nicky Nack

by Tom Oxenham

Horror-comedy short based on an improbable pub tale from the North East of England. A man walking home from his local one night is tormented by a terrifying sound: The Nicky Nack. Starring Alun Armstrong.

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Camping With Rex

by Matthew Brennan

After coming face-to-face with a madman in the woods, Debby has to rely on an odd stranger to escape death.

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The Wages of Sin!

by Gunner Willis

A middle age widow is blackmailed by her dead husband.

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by Isaac Ruth

Upstairs neighbors can be a real terror.

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Blossom and the Decrepit Man

by Tim Schwagel

Blossom wakes up in the woods tied to a tree, and something is ticking…

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