Congratulations to David Victori from Spain for taking home the big prize and a chance to create an original film with Ridley Scott

Your Film Festival is presented by YouTube and Emirates Airlines. Filmmakers were invited to submit their short films for the chance to win $500,000 to create original content on YouTube with the help of Sir Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, and the world class team at Scott Free Productions. Over 15,000 films were submitted and the industry professionals at Scott Free selected the top 50 films (one of our first featured films on Film Shortage ‘Start The Engine and Reverse‘ was selected for), which were put up to the public vote. The 10 finalists, chosen by the YouTube community, were flown to Venice by Emirates Airline, where they attended a special Your Film Festival screening at the world’s oldest film festival.

La Culpa’s base storyline can be seen as a typical cliché – revenging your wife’s murder – but some illusive mind-puzzling elements to the revenge create just enough thrill to win a film festival. Of course the film has everything else that is needed to win a prize: Impeccable acting, sound, lighting and cinematography. David achieves an astonishing look throughout his film to bring out the most of the surreal mind games of the story.

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