People are often inspired by best-shot films that show ordinary life in a more colorful way. Such movies inspire to travel, to adopt new experiences, diluting the daily routine with this. People especially like watching movies where the main characters take risks, make unusual steps, and do something that an ordinary person could hardly have done with ease. That is why thrillers or films where the main characters are fond of gambling are so popular. Here is a list of some of the best casino movies that you will most probably like to watch.

#1 – The Cooler, 2003, USA

If you are looking for a good movie about a legit casino, then “The Cooler” fits in this criteria perfectly well. The protagonist of this fascinating film is an outright loser. He decided to engage himself with the casino, but this decision did not improve his welfare at all. Due to debts, he even had to work for one gambling establishment in Las Vegas. But a chance acquaintance with a pretty waitress changes the life of the man for the better.

#2 – Rounders, 1998, USA

A young and promising lawyer, Mike (Matt Damon) has dreamed of going to Las Vegas all his life to take part in the WSOP Main Event. He played poker well and made a living from that. But underground establishments in New York are used to playing by special rules. His friend never liked to play fair. In addition, he had to pay a long-standing debt in 5 days – $15’000. As a result, old friends had no choice but to start a dirty game!

#3 – The Last Casino, 2004, Canada

This film is very similar to the more famous American film “Twenty One (21).” A professor at one of the universities manages to create a system thanks to which you can take big money from the casino. The teacher teaches three smart students who successfully bring the idea into reality. But then he deceives the students as he has a large debt to the mafia.

#4 – Runner Runner, 2013, USA

The film by Brad Furman covered the world

of online casinos for the first time. The protagonist Richie spends all night playing gambling games. He plays in order to pay for his studies at a prestigious college. After a major setback, Richie realizes that he is being deceived. He goes to Costa Rica to meet the main boss in the world of online gambling.

#5 – Ocean`s Twelve, 2004, USA

In the second part of the famous trilogy, the company of bosom scammers is going to rob the casino again. This time, their roster has been replenished with new players who are going to pay a visit to the three major capitals of Europe. And this is where the action starts.