The Weekend Shortlist

I have come to realize that people have a crazy passion or rather obsession with the living dead. It all kicked off with Night of the Living Dead in 1968 (remade in 1990). The 80’s were popular again with the genre, but kind of died out during the 90’s. But it can’t be a Zombie if it does not come back to life,  after movies like Resident Evil in 2002, it seems like the Zombie movies just kept on multiplying every year! And just when you thought it would start to die down again, it’s popularity exploded more than ever over the last few years with the success of TV show The Walking Dead, and literally countless Hollywood movies followed  including upcoming films such as Brad Pitt’s World War Z and comedy Warm Bodies. The short film world has not escaped this trend or obsession, in fact, since the few 6 months we’ve been online we’ve received dozens of Zombie related shorts.

I won’t lie, I think I’ve seen all the Zombie movies I can possibly see, and truly hope the trend will die out soon (at least for a couple of years). Then I watched the short film ‘When The Zombies Come’ as part of the 12 shorts chosen for the 2013 Sundance Short Films, and realized this guy might have a plan to kill Zombies once and for all!

Here are a couple of Zombie shorts and trailers, enjoy the weekend and find an Ace near you!

If you have an awesome Zombie short you want to add to this list, send it to us here.

When The Zombies Come

by Jon Hurst

Zombie Party

by Bruce Downs

It’s a Man’s World Trailer

by Gregory Kelly

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Beneath Us Trailer

by Georgios Ntziantzias

Zombie Man

by Fernando Tirado

My Wife is a Zombie

by Collin McDowell

Chronicles of the Dead

by Brian Hernandez