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Donuts // Daily Short Picks

A young woman’s night changes direction after a downward spiral of self examination. Director’s Statement “Donuts” is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for years, but could never get to something I liked. I wanted to educate people on the reality of living with body shame, but the script[…]

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Introducing Evermore // Daily Short Picks

Introducing Evermore is a short film about leaving the woes of the world behind to become an animated cartoon instead. Director’s Statement Introducing Evermore is part fantasy, part biography. It was made in a night, on no budget, with myself and my fiancee, after he asked me if I was[…]

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Daydreamer // Daily Short Picks

A struggling musician is peer pressured into performing a very personal song while at a party he wishes he didn’t have to attend. Director’s Statement The Specs’ DAYDREAMER is a song I’ve wanted to incorporate into a project for years now. I went back and forth with ideas, and finally[…]

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Inherit The Earth // Daily Short Picks

“Inherit The Earth” is a poetic encounter with five young people living in Southwest Baltimore. Conceived as a micro-documentary exploring the experience of food insecurity amount children in Baltimore’s inner city, this nine-minute film transcends both its original intent and genre to create a quiet meditation on kids and hope[…]

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Beds // Daily Short Pick

BEDS tours the indignity of the life of a mattress, through the characters who abuse, overlook, neglect, and ultimately discard that central figure in our lives. Director’s Statement I realized at some point within the last year that I’ve spent much of my life in bed. Scientists say it’s roughly[…]

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Hers // Daily Short Picks

“Hers” is a portrait of the things we fight for. A single mother works as a maid and trains to fight in her first competition. All while raising her daughter. We all escape into different parts of our lives.

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Who's The Cutest Puppy? // Daily Short Picks

When detectives at the scene of a homicide find no evidence besides an eyewitness who saw the “cutest puppy in the world,” they realize that if they find the cutest puppy… they find their killer. Directors Statement The idea started by joking about how we all ask our dogs questions[…]

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Flow // Daily Short Picks

Living in a world obsessed on purity and cleanliness, Lana encounters a public act of tremendous cruelty that she unwillingly becomes a part of.

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Bullet Time - Shy Panther // Daily Short Picks

A highway motel speaks to ideas of privacy and escape, spaces where temporary guests can find resignation, displaced from their past lives in search of something new. Shot on 16mm film, Bullet Time weaves the stories of four characters as they confront their identity within the motel walls – a[…]

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