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Happy Anniversary // Daily Short Picks

On the morning of their anniversary, Marcus is called out to work. Joan is at home all alone… or is she? Directors Statement The film was created from a last-ditch effort script idea we had during the 48 hour film festival. We stayed up the whole night before trying to[…]

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Trashbag Dickheads // Daily Short Picks

“Trashbag dickheads” is a short film about the plight of the modern independent filmmaker. We are constantly submitting our films to contests, films festivals, and film sites (not unlike this one). The film explores the self-loathing, dependency, and anger we feel as we impatiently wait for a “yes” that rarely[…]

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Celebrity Charades // Daily Short Picks

During the taping of a late night talk show, an aging sitcom star and closeted Trump supporter crosses paths with a model and women’s rights activist. Director’s Statement The genesis of the idea happened when I was watching a talk show and wondered to myself what happens back stage between[…]

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But You Didn't // Daily Short Picks

Based on an anonymous decades-old poem of the same name. It’s said that the author was widowed and died of old age. When her daughter was organizing her remains, she discovered this poem her mother had written to her father back then, titled “But You Didn’t”. Director’s Statement I found[…]

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Node 2018 // Daily Short Picks

Substance created the titles for Node2018 to explore the idea of connection, through a cinematic narrative. We developed the tagline: “Explore, Connect, Create” as a summary of what Node meant to us, and described this visually through the journey of the Explorer. Each stage of the unidentified pioneer’s odyssey is[…]

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Alfred J Hemlock // Daily Short Picks

When Emily’s boyfriend abandons her in the night, her only way home is through an alleyway where she is terrorized by the mysterious entity Alfred J Hemlock. Director’s Statement When I was a young boy my mother told me the story of how one night she had been chased home[…]

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E T A // Daily Short Picks

While waiting alone in a bus station, uncertain and insecure, one woman fights the urge to isolate herself and instead connects to the strangers around her to build a community. Set to an original song created specifically for the project (now available on all digital streaming platforms), E T A[…]

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Pesada Pluma // Daily Short Picks

On the afternoon of 16 October 2014 Paraguayan journalist Pablo Medina was shot and killed in his car by two men dressed as soldiers while heading back from a report in a remote border town in the province of Canindeyú, Paraguay. For years he had faced threats from criminal groups[…]

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Different / Sleep // Daily Short Picks

With dancers as our guides, we are taken on an exploratory journey through a strange, enigmatic house, encountering glimpses of those who have lived there, past and present. As different scenes and stories unfold, we begin to experience the dark beauty of a space both empty and inhabited. This short,[…]

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Attraction // Daily Short Pick

“Attraction” explores the unspoken desires of two women through their quiet glances before venturing into a hypnotic realm as they are overwhelmed by their feelings, communicating a moment so fleeting that it feels irreverent. However a moment that will live on in their minds and remind them, “what if?”

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