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Guerra // Daily Short Pick

A troubled fighter returns to the gym she once called home, where a battle with her former trainer and his new fighter is the only path to forgiveness.

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Pop // Daily Short Picks

Renee is a stoned slacker obsessed with popping her zits – until the zits start popping back! Unmanned’s new body-horror comedy tackles bizzaro L.A. culture, cosmic terror, body image issues and demonic pimples, infused with a helping of evil puss tentacles and 1970s sci-fi sexploitation for good measure.

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Grandma's House // Daily Short Picks

An old woman. Alone. At night. Director’s Statement I liked the idea of restricting a Hollywood movie’s worth of stunts, thrills and spectacle to about thirty yards of floor space. Instead of focusing on the big moments — explosions, jumps, crashes — I set out to create and sustain tension[…]

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Fat Chance // Daily Short Picks

Born into a world of chance, it’s quickly learned that the battle for existence depends on fast thinking, aggressive actions and an obstacle larger than life. Director’s Statement The story of Fat Chance is a playful short film with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor about the battle for identity and[…]

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Igloo // Daily Short Picks

16-year old Sydney and her friends set out to toilet paper a classmate’s house, unknowingly stepping into a night of shock, discomfort and the surreal. IGLOO is a sometimes funny, sometimes sad look at the world of affluent teenagers in a small Texas town.

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Shift // Daily Short Picks

An easy-going young professional wakes up hanging upside down in an unfamiliar warehouse with no recollection of how he got there. As he tries to escape, survive and piece together what happened, he begins to uncover a nightmarish plot involving him and his loved ones. Director’s Statement The average person[…]

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The Way Home // Daily Short Picks

In a dying world what will matter most? Director’s Statement In a dying world what will matter most? It’s a question that forces you almost immediately to pause and determine for yourself, “what does matters most?”. When the question was pressed upon me, I couldn’t help but think that my[…]

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