Film Shortage's Top 10 of 2012

So here we are ending our first year at Film Shortage, we might not have had a full year yet, but we certainly have plenty to choose from for our top 10 short films of 2012! Looking back at our featured shorts since our launch back in July, we are extremely proud of the quality in films selected, feels like our list would be a top 30 list on any other short film site!

Here is our list of our favorite shorts voted by all of us here at Thank you for all the continuous support and the infinite number of shorts submitted, we look forward to 2013 with such enthusiasm and hope to see you there!

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Happy New Year, enjoy and keep on filming!

Number 10 Short

Broken Cycle

by Clifton Archuleta

Our number 10 spot is given to Broken Cycle directed by Clifton Archuleta for this simple, yet perfectly flowed story. Although all first timers, the cast pulls together strong emotional performances to create a most realistic sensation of tension.

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Number 09 Short


by Mo Twine

Another short emphasized on a simple story with great first time acting. This film uses awkward humor to win its spot in the top 10, the low budget and high quality result proves to all the a film can be made with a few bucks.

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Number 8 Short


by Ryan Connolly

The master of DIY filmmaking Ryan Connolly released his short film ‘Tell’ this year. The film is almost flawless visually and technically, and could of easily grabbed a higher spot in our countdown if it wasn’t a 30 minute film.

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Number 7 Short

(Notes On) Biology

by Ornana

We loved this short cause it brought us back directly into our daydreams in our classrooms. Creativity brings this short at our number 7 of the year, stop-motion at its best.

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Number 6 Short

“032” Canadian Affair

by Thibaut Duverniex

Fantastically original film that will leave you floating in time. Created by Thibault Duverniex from Departement and Antler Films, the film was originally meant as a music video, but once dropped it was turned into a short.

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