If I were to hear that there was a Robin Williams biopic along the way I would most probably be furious. Thinking that there is no-one in this world that can possibly rightfully portray that incredible man. We’ve seen too many of these “close, but not close enough” biopics stories, that embodying Robin Williams seemed unthinkable.

Until today. Enter Jamie Costa, the 31 year old actor whom you may remember from several short films that he has produced and acted in – most particularly with Star Wars Fan Films such as ‘Kenobi’ and ‘Han Solo’, as well as starring in the acclaimed ‘Star Wars: Origins‘ featured on Film Shortage.

Incredible that this is only test footage, created by himself with some friends. But this clip has already garnished over 2 Million views on YouTube and it’s getting some serious attention, as it should be. The doors are open, we all want to see this Biopic now! Where do we sign?