This is a recreation or a pastime that has been popular across the UK since the 20th century. Indeed, it is one of the regions that has popularised gambling earliest. While some countries are yet to make such activities legal, the Betting and Gaming Act was made legal in the UK in 1960. However, with such recreation or entertainment come problems such as addiction. That is where the different NGO services such as GamStop come in.

In the following sections, we see how licensed casinos and websites advocate responsible gambling practices. However, many people choose to follow this guide and join sites that do not require them to try getting off GamStop. Finally, we explore popular or classic movies that showcase the problems of gambling addiction.

GamStop and How It Works

GamStop is a free service that is associated with most UKGC-licensed websites. It helps people register themselves and curb problematic gambling habits. Most of the websites of Great Britain, including Scotland, England and Wales are linked to GamStop. However, most casinos that are not registered with GamStop also play a role in promoting responsible gambling practices. As there are no ways to avoid GamStop for registered players they stick with these sites and use the tools they propose. These casinos provide an alternative for those seeking a different approach to responsible gambling management.

This self-exclusion service works in the following manner:

  • Those who wish to prevent themselves from registering at gambling websites need to register an account with GamStop.
  • Registration is free on GamStop.
  • Once a user account is verified, GamStop tracks all linked accounts in different gambling sites which are associated with it.
  • GamStop will then prevent all registered users from accessing their accounts on such sites; it will also prevent them from signing up.

Movies that Highlight the Problems of Gambling Addiction

Over the years there have been several movies that GamStop players should watch, as they can reassure them of the correctness of their decision to stop gambling. have showcased the adverse effects of gambling:

The Gambler

This is one of the earlier movies made on the evils of gambling. It is a crime thriller made in 1974. It was nominated for a Golden Globe and starred Lauren Hutton, Paul Sorvino and James Caan. There is also The Gambler’s remake, filmed in 2014 with the same storyline. The storyline featured an English professor who liked to gamble in secret. He ended up losing a bet and costing his mother $44000 to get him out of jail. Even then he continued to gamble dangerously.

Uncut Gems

This is yet another movie on gambling addiction. Adam Sandler was the main character whose acting got him a lot of applause. This movie was released in 2019 and showcased the gambling problems of the last decade.


This is another cult movie on gambling, made in 1994. It starred Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and James Garner. The movie storyline was about Bret Maverick trying to con other contestants in a high-stakes poker tournament. In the end, however, he ends up beaten up and mauled dangerously.

Ocean’s Eleven

This is one of the famous movies, the first of many sequels. This multi-star cast is an action-packed, thrilling movie where the characters get together to con several casinos out of their money.

Mississippi Grind

This is yet another movie that showcases how plans for wins in casino games never really go as planned. It obtained high ratings among viewers and critic circles. The movie featured Ryan Fleck and others who embark on a trip to New Orleans.

Symptoms Demonstrated by the Characters of These Movies

As it is apparent, countries that have legalised gambling also have people who suffer from such addiction. Gambling addiction was a problem that rose to its peak during the eighties and nineties, and many of the related problems are depicted in the movies listed above. In particular, the characters of these movies demonstrate the following symptoms of gambling addiction that, if left unchecked, can lead to severe consequences for both gamblers and their families:

  • With unchecked gambling behaviour people experience emotional dependence, akin to addiction to drugs. They wait to get the high when one gambles and wins.
  • Such people try and gamble daily, leading themselves and their families to financial ruin.
  • With such addiction comes neglect of family life, career and financial budgeting.
  • Such people are aware of financial limitations but are unable to control their gambling urges. As a result, such people tend to lie, steal and even harm their loved ones for money.

The above problems were aggravated in an unregulated gambling environment. During the early nineties, there was a rise in unregulated casinos and gambling websites. These took advantage of such weaknesses in people.


The films listed above are definitely not movies encouraging problem gambling. On the contrary, they show the adverse effects of unchecked gambling. Society has a balancing act to play as most countries make gambling legal. This is mainly because there are high earnings from such an economy. At the same time, it can have adverse effects on people with weak personalities. Along with self-exclusion tools such as GamStop, gamblers must have the right support and guidance from experts, friends and family.