Who doesn’t like watching films in this day and age? Nowadays, people are more likely to be obsessed with movies than books. Who can blame them, though? A lot of individuals watch films to clear their minds and be immersed in another world.

Besides being a good pastime, we learn a lot from these movies without realizing it. As a student, you can benefit in many ways from watching a wide variety of films from different genres and even in other languages. Furthermore, film characters can inspire you to make a significant change in your life.

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Here are some benefits of watching films.

The key benefits of watching movies

If you’re not a big fan of movies and need some convincing, here are some reasons why they can be beneficial:

Movies can help us gain more awareness and insight

A good example is the famous disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow.” This motion picture shows us the results of extreme global warming. Besides having a good plot, you can see that the director is trying to warn us about climate change.

They are an educational pastime

Many films shed light on historical events. If you’re fond of history or taking a history course, these motion pictures can benefit you. You’ll get to see reenactments of the wars and learn a lot from them.

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They are excellent ways to unwind and relax

While studying hard at college is necessary, you must also ensure that you don’t exhaust yourself by neglecting to take breaks for relaxation. Taking pauses while working hard is crucial so your brain can rest and unwind.

This may be accomplished by:

  • Relaxing
  • Losing yourself in a movie
  • Taking a break from your demanding study routine

There are many advantages to watching a film, but the ones mentioned above are the key benefits. Keep reading to see which movies have the most inspiring characters.

Three film characters students will find inspirational

Now that you’ve seen how a motion picture can be beneficial, here are some film characters that can inspire you to be better or work harder.


Superheroes have always played a major role in pop culture. They were first introduced in comic books in the late 1930s. Then they became more popular during World War II and The Great Depression because they showed people that the good guys always win in the end. After those events, these fictional characters gave rise to many films and television programs, solidifying the superhero archetype.

However, Batman isn’t like these typical heroes because many consider him an antihero. He has a complicated personality that captivates many comic fans. Furthermore, unlike other popular heroes, Batman doesn’t have a superpower. Some might think that this is a disadvantage to him, but it’s the reason why he’s so inspirational.

The films show that he has a far stronger connection with viewers than other heroes because of his flaws. Instead of being a superhero to admire, Batman is a crime fighter that inspires because he shows people that you don’t have to be flawless to perform good deeds.

Chris Gardener

Picture this, you invest all your money in a business hoping to get rich. But things don’t go as planned. The company fails to make a profit, and you lose all of your money. To make matters worse, your wife leaves you, and you lose your apartment. Wouldn’t that make you give up on life?

Well, this is the story of Chris Gardner, a salesperson that thought he could make money by investing in a bone density scanner. Unfortunately, the scanner was a failure, and he became homeless. However, Gardner didn’t give up and fought his way to make his life better. This character shows us no matter how bad the circumstance is. You should not give up on your goals.

Rocky Balboa

Even if you haven’t seen the movies, we’re certain you’ve heard of Rocky Balboa. This professional boxer was once an amateur who dreamed of becoming the heavyweight champion, yet, he never gave up and eventually succeeded.

The boxer encounters a variety of hurdles along the way, including financial difficulties, aging, and others. But despite these obstacles, he succeeds in achieving his objective. Rocky will demonstrate why you should never give up on your dreams and that your efforts will never be in vain.


Movies are often used as an entertainment medium, but they can also be educational. Some film characters are so captivating that it is difficult not to feel attached to their plight. Following their journey inspires you to be better and not give up no matter the circumstance. Find time to watch the characters mentioned and be inspired.