Notice a little rejuvenation? We decided to give Film Shortage a little botox lift. Don’t worry, we didn’t turn the site upside down, but rather just cleaned up little design features that makes our Short Film leading site sexier than ever.

We also took the liberty to add a couple of features, nothing groundbreaking – but convenient updates.

Browse by Genres

Many asked, and although it was tediously possible and only available for Featured Shorts, you can now browse by your favourite genres, and all our Features, Daily Short Picks and Trailers will be included!

Comedies on Film Shortage

Science Fiction Films on Film Shortage

Watch the trailer before the film

We now will display the film’s trailer on the Featured Shorts, so when your not sure about watching the film, check out the trailer first! We’ll also add our beloved InstaTrailers from Instagram once they are created.

Trailers + InstaTrailers

New Badges

Our badges also got an update. If your film was featured and would like to get the updated badge simply contact us and we’ll send it over right away. Badges will be available to download through the site soon!

Brand new Badges!

Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

Not a new feature, but a recently added one. Don’t forget to check out the latest & hottest crowdfunding short film projects, and lend a supporting hand to tomorrow’s filmmakers.

Have any suggestions for us? Send us an inquiry and tell us your idea.