Have you ever watched a film about the story of Molly Bloom? This is an Oscar-nominated movie featuring a strong 20-year old woman who was a skier eyeing the Olympics. Unfortunately, a horrific injury occurred, and it halted her dream. The film is based on the true-life story of Molly Bloom, but what does it have to do with a gambler? Well, after Molly’s dream of becoming an Olympic-class skier ended due to an injury, she decided to leave her other dream of studying law and move to Los Angeles. There she controlled high-stakes poker games played by the world’s elites: Wall Street titans, actors, politicians, and sports icons.

Molly’s Game Movie – How It Happened?

Molly worked as a waiter at a club, and it is here that she met an employer who introduced her to the poker world. She rubbed shoulders with influential people and grabbed the chance to learn about poker herself. She fell out with her boss when he learned that she was starting to gain control of the game, and Molly decided to begin her own game in New York. Her game expanded fast and became popular in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, she entered into bad business that attracted the FBI. Molly’s popular poker game was linked to high profile financial crimes. Her exclusive, underground poker game ended just like that, leaving her with heavy debt and a dented personal image. Molly didn’t stop there.
Instead, she approached the best-selling Hollywood screenwriter called Aaron Sorkin with her life story and convinced him to turn it into a daring movie. In just four years, Molly marched from the federal court onto the Oscar Red Carpet and changed her story for good. To summarize:

  • Molly Bloom was a daring Skier who was aspiring to win the Olympics.
  • Molly got an injury that ended her Olympics dream.
  • Molly moved to Los Angeles, New York, where she became a waiter and then got a job as a manager of high-stake poker games where she met influential people.
  • Molly learned the ropes, conflicted with her boss, and decided to start her poker game in New York.
  •  Molly Bloom’s underground poker game continued to thrive and attract evil-minded investors that got her to commit high-profile financial crimes that attracted the FBI. 
  • Bloom’s business collapsed, leaving her in deep financial stress and with a bad federal court case, and she pleaded guilty to the charges.
  • Molly approaches a Hollywood scriptwriter who turns around her woes by creating a high-profile film named Molly’s Game.

What Could Gamblers Learn from Molly Game Movie?

Molly’s true-life story was demonstrated in the film. Those who have followed her story and enjoy playing Free Slots No Download games can learn something. What tricks can they capture from the interesting film? Five of these are listed below:

When You Make a Wrong Decision, Admit It

In Molly’s Game film, Molly is shown as a heroic female character that created a multi-million dollar poker game business from scratch. She managed to control famous and rich men of Hollywood who played poker at the club. The story focuses on Bloom’s endearing attitude, high integrity, courage, and zeal to succeed despite being around males. She made some bad decisions that caused her to lose everything, but she didn’t deny it in court.

She pleaded guilty to the offences she was charged with. When the FBI offered to return the possessions it had seized in exchange for data she had collected from her clients, she refused. Instead, Molly said that her clients had trusted her fully, and because of that, she made significant profits. She found it wrong to save herself by betraying their trust and sharing information that could ruin their lives for good.

So what did Molly do? She owned up her mess and bad decisions and carried the cross by herself. She had complete knowledge that doing so could land her in jail for up to 10 years. Because of owning up, the sentence was reduced to community service, probation, and fines.

As a gambler, don’t ever fear to own up to a bad decision even if the consequences of doing that seem terrible. Surprisingly, you could save yourself.

You Will Be Fine, Don’t Worry

After the sentence, Molly’s Game film came to an end. Movie’s Molly, a 35 years old female with tons of debts and a bad image, didn’t know what to do next with her life. In her real life, Molly didn’t allow herself to wallow in self-pity. Instead, she found a brilliant way to shine again, and that’s approaching Aaron Sorkin with her life story.

During their first appointment, Aaron told Molly that she was full of herself and so down to her luck. But, look at what he did next. He made Molly a shining star by creating a movie about her life.

As a gambler, even after making plenty of losses, don’t give up. Life will work its way out, and you will win big again.

Dare to Risk It No Matter the Circumstances

Despite making huge mistakes and bad decisions, Molly chose to take another risk. How could she even think of telling her criminal story to the world through Hollywood? The good news is that she did and managed to change her terrible luck. If you watch Molly’s Game film on your screen, you will see what a strong risk-taker she was. Molly’s story makes people realize that a person who does a bad thing can be a good person who made a wrong decision.

Molly is portrayed as a person who treats other people as she wants to be treated when she refuses to hand over her client’s confidential information. She had the chance to get all her money and earthly possessions back from the FBI, but she gave up that to protect her client’s information and lives. Molly appears to dare to do something without caring about the outcome. She has courage.

It is the exact thing you need as a casino gambler. You must dare to bet high stakes and stay courageous even when you lose your games. Even if you fail, you will have significantly dared with no regrets. You need to get into the arena and dare to do what it takes to succeed in your gambling career.

Stay Out of Trouble Before the Time Comes When You Can’t Anymore

Molly had a sensible business model at first. With time though, she let in influential people with criminal minds who forced and blackmailed her into hurting harmless poker fans. Also, the FBI received word about her underground poker business and started to go after her.

These were bad decisions on her part. Had she made better choices earlier, she would have avoided the mafia, the FBI, the federal court case, and the ultimate financial crisis.

As a gambler, try to avoid trouble as soon as possible as time may come when you cannot anymore.


If you have not watched Molly’s Game film yet, do it without further ado. You will love following her life story and scooping some valuable life lessons from it. As a gambler, this story concerns you more than anyone else. It would be best if you learned from it to know the direction your gambling career should take.