• Brand Name: CBDfx
  • Type: CBD Vape Juice
  • CBD Content: 2000mg
  • THC Content: 75mg
  • Volume: 30ml
  • Flavor: Wedding Cake
  • Possible Effects: Offers Relaxation and Stress Relief

Vaping as a recreational practice is increasing, with more people turning to vapes instead of smoking marijuana and nicotine. As a result, several brands have produced and sold different e-liquids with multiple variations. It is easy to get both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum e-liquids of different flavors. CBDfx is one of the leading cannabinoid lines with products containing THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and other cannabinoids. One of their top-selling strains is the Wedding Cake vape juice, which is highly potent. Most users using the same report feel relaxed and stress-free with one or two hits.

CBDfx Breakdown

To better grasp a particular product, it is usually helpful to start with an analysis of the brand itself. The quality of any marijuana item starts with the basic procedures of the company. CBDfx is well known for its range of products with something that suits everyone’s preferences.
The company got founded by Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers back in 2014. They aimed to provide accessible broad and full spectrum items, CBD isolates, and other needed materials. They are passionate about people’s access to safe, high-quality alternative treatment options. The company has its roots in the San Fernando Valley and has grown to become the second-largest privately owned CBD manufacturing entity. They sell their products worldwide and have an employee base of over 100 people.
Quality is a significant aspect of the company, and they have several procedures to ensure it. They start their quality control by ensuring that the hemo and marijuana they sell are non-GMO and organic. The pesticide-free hemp and weed plants offer an end product that is safe and free from unwanted chemicals.
After the initial selection, the dried hemp and cannabis buds move to the extraction process. CBDfx prides itself in using CO2 extraction procedures that assure its customers of high-quality concentrates. They adhere to FDA regulations, and their facilities tick all the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) guidelines. They also utilize clinical-grade standards and supervision to oversee all the extraction stages of the process.
After extraction, the products move to the manufacturing process, where the entity adds organic and naturally occurring ingredients. Depending on the ideal end product, they utilize various ingredients, from ginger to ashwagandha roots, lavender, and more. The goal is to provide wholesome products that are safe for human consumption.
The last stage of the manufacturing process involves third-party lab tests to ascertain the quality and purity of what they sell. They have a strict testing process and admit that they usually do batch tests up to eight times. On top of the testing, consumers can access their product’s Certificate of Analysis by scanning a traceable QR code on each packaging.

Features of Wedding Cake Vape Juice

In discussing the features of the Wedding Cake vape juice, there are some parameters that we have to cover. These inform on the product’s quality, potency, and flavor. A breakdown of each of these parameters will allow you to comfortably gauge the appropriateness of the product for your personal use.
Potency is one of the most important things to consider when buying vape juice or any other weed product. The potency informs you of the cannabinoid levels in the product. CBDfx’s Wedding Cake contains 2000mg of CBD and 75mg of THC. These are considerably more potent than other products in the market. They are most suitable for seasoned users who can handle that much cannabinoid in a single hit.
Flavor and Ingredients
As the name alludes, the Wedding Cake vape juice tastes like a typical vanilla cake. It has a sweet vanilla flavor with nutty undertones giving it a wholesome flavor. Most users prefer sweet and nutty flavors to other skunky ones.
Regarding the ingredients, the delta-9 vape juice comprises THC and CBD compounds along with other main ingredients. These ingredients include vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavors, and propylene glycol on top of the hemp extracts. They combine to bring about the desired effects of the e-liquid.

Effects of Delta-9 Wedding Cake Vape Juice

Besides the ingredients and potencies, users typically inquire about the possible effects of using these vape liquids. With CBDfx’s Wedding Cake, most users agree it is relaxing. They also claim that it relieves stress and elevates their mood. This range of effects is attributable to the full spectrum features of the strain. The combination of THC and CBD works comprehensively to offer idealized effects.
There is also a need to be cautious with the product due to its THC content. Multiple hits in a short time frame can lead to intense psychoactive properties. If you want a body high without a mind high, then it is better to use it sparingly. If you want the mind high plus the body relaxation, then you can use the product as you see fit.

Volume and Estimated Number of Uses

The volume of the e-liquid, as mentioned, is 30ml. This volume is considerable for vape juices and may last long. According to an e-liquid online forum, 30ml could last anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks, depending on the frequency of vaping. This timeline averages about 600 puffs per vape fluid. If you are a frequent vaper, buying them in bulk or expecting a maximum of 2 weeks of use may be better.

Suitability for a Wide Range of Vape Kits

The suitability of Wedding Cake vape juice for different vape kits is favorable. This favorability comes from the fact that it is easy to refill for refillable kits. It works for refillable kits, as the packaging does not accommodate all kits. The refilling process is straightforward due to the design of the bottle.

Other Best-Selling Vape Juices from CBDfx

Besides the Wedding Cake strain e-liquid, CBDfx has other flavors and potencies of similar quality, if not higher. These are some of the notable ones we encountered while researching Wedding Cake.

Blue Raspberry

This Blue Raspberry vape liquid comes in several variations, especially in potency. They have the 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg CBD options. Whether they contain any significant THC is unclear, but the CBD purity is 99%. The liquid has a 50:50 VG to PG ratio. These initials refer to vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. They affect the impact of the hit on the throat.

OG Kush CBD Plus Delta-9 THC

This Indica-based strain is another delta-9 and CBD combination for e-liquids. It comes in a 30ml bottle and contains legal amounts of THC. Users should approach it cautiously because, like Wedding Cake, it can result in psychotropic effects. It also has a 50/50 PG to VG ratio. Its main effects are relaxation and stress relief.

Pineapple Express

Valued at 2000mg CBD and 75mg THC, this is another potent vape juice from CBDfx. It has a fruity flavor with wholesome undertones. It comes in a 30ml bottle and can also result in psychotropic effects.

Maui Wowie

The Maui Wowie Sativa strain is a disposable vape pen with about 500mg CBD and 5mg THC. Its flavor is tropical with fruity hints. The pen offers around 800 puffs, after which it becomes obsolete. It goes for $39.99. The pen is also rechargeable.

CBN Plus THC Purple Punch

Purple Punch is another Indica strain vape fluid with multiple user benefits. Due to its CBN content, it promotes good sleep and can help with insomnia. It has a 2000mg CBN and 75mg THC value. It is available in a 30ml bottle with a 50:50 VG to PG ratio.


As vaping becomes more mainstream, it is only reasonable that people are on the search for the best products. Vaping requires several materials, from vape juices to kits. CBDfx prides itself on offering consumers several options they can choose from depending on what they want. They have a range of vaping kits as well as accompanying e-liquids. Consumers can find a range of these products with different flavors and potencies. Wedding Cake is among their best sellers as it is potent and sweet.
Denys Svirepchuk has been on the AskGrowers team for a couple of years. During his tenure, he continues to serve in multiple roles, including product reviewer and writer. This article has its basis on his experience with the Wedding Cake vape fluid and many other CBDfx products.