Uma Thurman

Young up-and-coming filmmakers always dream of being able to have access to a big movie star for their short film, and for the third straight year, Kevin Spacey and his production company Trigger Street Productions in association with Jameson Whiskey will bring this unique opportunity to three lucky filmmakers. Are you one of them?

Saving Norman | Featured Short FilmA couple of months ago we featured a short film called Saving Norman, where South African Hanneke Schutte had the marvelous opportunity to shoot her short film with Willem Dafoe. Hanneke told us all about her unique and exciting experience, which you can read excerpts on the featured page.

This year the Jameson First Shot has just announced that the lead actor to play in 3 short films produced by Kevin Spacey and his production company, along with Dana Brunetti will be Uma Thurman. The competition, which runs in South Africa, Russia and the United States, allows filmmakers to submit their script written specifically for the chosen actor. Once all scripts have been submitted, a shortlist will be chosen and each shortlisted candidate will be required to further showcase their flair for filmmaking by submitting a director’s treatment of their script and a piece of footage based on a scene provided by Trigger Street Productions. Once all entries have been extensively reviewed, the three winners will be chosen – one from each country – with each receiving the opportunity of a lifetime, getting the chance to fully immerse themselves in the world of movie-making.

Uma Thurman follows on from Creative Director Kevin Spacey’s starring role in 2012, and Willem Dafoe’s in 2013. You can see the previous 6 shorts on the Jameson Whiskey YouTube channel which have gathered more than 12 million views.

With a wide experience under her belt, Thurman challenges writers to diversify and not limit her character.

What excites me about being involved with Jameson First Shot is that I love the idea of finding and discovering young talent – it’s what makes the film business alive. Even though we’re making short films I don’t think anyone should feel limited in this form; if you look back over my work I’ve been many different characters so people should feel completely open to write whatever they are passionate about. I’m honored to be a part of this extraordinary project and I can’t wait to read the screenplays that are entered, and ultimately be the vehicle to help three talented filmmakers tell their stories to the world.

Kevin Spacey is just as excited to add a talent like Uma Thurman to his productions and especially for the first time, having a female lead:

She’s remarkable and I’m thrilled Uma has said yes. Her work has always been unafraid and brave, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’s jumped with such commitment and enthusiasm into our short film project. I think it gives our filmmakers a very exciting opportunity to write for an actress of such range and skill. I look forward to seeing what the entrants come up with.

So if you live in South Africa, Russia or the United States, don’t miss this chance of a lifetime. Submit your script through the website and get all the required details.