We receive brilliant short films every single day, but then there are the ones that will just blow us away. We took a steep look back at our Daily Short Picks from 2017, and selected a handful of our favorites to reminisce the films that really stuck in our minds.

A little different from our Top 10 Shorts of the year, these simply highlight some of the most memorable shorts from our Daily Short Picks batches. So take the time and watch each one of these, as they will surely captivate you with either their twisted storylines, impressive VFX, or simply by unexpected star presences. This first edition focuses on the Science Fiction selections, stay tuned in the coming weeks for the other genres.


by Angelo White
starring Chanel Soree & Loise Gendel

Sorice || Daily Short Picks

A Drop

by Julien Vanhoenacker
starring Alex Winters

A Drop || Daily Short Picks

Blade Runner 2049 Prequels

by Denis Villeneuve, Shinichiro Watanabe & Luke Scott
starring Jared Leto & Dave Bautista

2048: Nowhere to Run || Daily Short Picks
2048: Nowhere to Run

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2036: Nexus Dawn || Daily Short Picks
2036: Nexus Dawn

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Blade Runner 2049 || Black Out 2022
Black Out 2022


Cable: Chronicles of Hope X-Men Fan Film

by George & Harry Kirby
starring Christine Lynn, Grant Stevens & Solvi Fannar

Cable: Chronicles of Hope || Daily Short Picks

What If Wendy

by James A Sims
starring Meredith Patterson

What If Wendy || Daily Short Picks


by Paul Holbrook
starring Laurence Saunders, Livvie May & Will Teller

Cell // Daily Short Picks


by John Lynch
starring Alan Mandel & Johnny Vivash

Eddie || Daily Short Picks


by Martin Nabelek

OFF // Daily Short Picks


by Tom Teller
starring Jason Tobias, Julia Farino, Sean Burgos & Thurston Hill

Icarus // Daily Short Picks

Critters: Bounty Hunter

by Jordan Downey

Critters: Bounty Hunter // Daily Short Pick