In support of our YouTube Vs Vimeo article, we have decided to draw out our own stats after 2 years of collecting thousands of short film submissions. What we noticed was pretty interesting.

Equal Submissions

After thousands of submissions, the amount of shorts received from YouTube & Vimeo were fairly equal, with Vimeo submissions marginally surpassing with 56% of all sent films. So its fair to say that there are people that upload their films to either platform.

Where things start getting interesting are in the films that actually pass our selection process and make it on Film Shortage. Looking at the Trailers, out of 200 selected and featured trailers on Film Shortage, three quarters are films hosted on Vimeo! Vimeo selections increase a little in our Daily Short Picks with 225 (78%) over 62 for YouTube.

Vimeo VS YouTube Infograph

But the biggest jump is seen in our most prestigious & most critical selections, the Featured Shorts of the Week. 9 out of 10 featured films on Film Shortage come from Vimeo, leaving a tiny 16 YouTube shorts ever featured on FS!

Another interesting but not infographed stat, are the really bad shorts. Yes we don’t like to admit it or declare it, but out of the thousands of submitted films, we receive plenty of inexcusably bad ‘home’ videos & films. But the statistic attached to it was too important to ignore and not mention. 100 of our 106 ‘red flagged’ films come from YouTube, that’s an enormous 94% and a pretty exemplary overview of the amount of ‘junk’ videos found on YouTube.

This does not mean that you’ll have more chances of getting featured if your film is on Vimeo, our selection process is the same for Vimeo, YouTube or other video host website, if your film is great, it will be featured. The stats are just a mere observation of where most quality shorts end up. Read our full YouTube VS Vimeo article to see which platform is the best for your short film.