After presenting our favorite Sci-Fi shorts from our 2017 Daily Short Picks selections, we now bring you the laugh fest from 2017 with the best comedies.

Fill Your Heart With French Fries

by Tamar Glezerman
starring Auri Jackson, Lindsey Burdge & Scott Friend

Fill Your Heart With French Fries || Daily Short Picks

Run Free

by Raynor Arkenbout
starring Juliet Daalder & Nils Verkooijen

Run Free // Daily Short Picks

But I’d Really Have to Kill You

by Max Sherman
starring Ben York Jones & Tim Baltz

But I'd Really Have to Kill You || Daily Short Picks

Wifey Redux

by Max Sherman
starring Aidan McArdle, Angeline Ball, Craig Grainger, Lauryn Canny, Shane O’Meara & Wallis Day

Wifey Redux || Daily Short Picks


by Jake Fallon
starring Dax Spangle, Jill Stanley & Megan Gorman

Homebody || Daily Short Picks

Monster Island

by Dan Lippert, Harry Chaskin & Justin Michael

Monster Island || Daily Short Picks

Wally’s Will

by Matteo Mosterts
starring Grafton Doyle, Kurt Sinclair, Linda Gray & Rena Mena

Wally's Will || Daily Short Picks


by Craig Horlbeck & Sam Skolnik
starring Belle Adams, Emmanuel Vega & Sam Skolnik

Chocolate || Daily Short Picks

Garbage Man

by Alan Miller
starring Daniel Jacobsen, Kalvin Olafson & Luke Roessler

Garbage Man || Daily Short Picks

Holiday Fear

by Nicholas Payne Santos

Holiday Fear // Daily Short Picks
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