Kickstarter has officially opened its doors to Canada! Now Canadian filmmakers, artists, musicians and gamers can kickstart their own projects from But their projects will not only be exclusive to Canada, they will be listing along side all the other projects on, and the mechanics and prices will be the same as everywhere, just in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

A Beauty Kickstart

One of the first Canadian Kickstarter film projects will be our recently featured trailer Beauty, by Montreal director Colin L. Racicot. Beauty is a science fiction thriller exploring the metaphysical abduction of Michael, a passionless bureaucrat, after he witnesses a surreal entity of immeasurable beauty. What was once a tasteless existence becomes a sensorial overdose, where crystalline reflections becomes the protagonist’s sole purpose. As Michael becomes obsessed and tormented, he’ll discover the extraordinary potential of this transcendental existence.

Racicot also created the icy melodramatic short film featured on our Films de chez nous (films from Québec): L’invité. We are looking forward to see his new creation, where his ambition and ideas are well displayed on his Kickstarter page, which makes it a perfect candidate for contributions. Just a look at his trailer, poster and inspirations give a feel of a great short in the making.

Please consider backing Beauty, the result will be your reward!

Beauty - Kickstarting Canada