Can’t wait to see all the new movies for 2021? If you are a movie enthusiast eager to find out more about the films coming this year, this post is for you. There are many new movies waiting to be introduced. It is up to you to check the basics and pick the one you will like.

The Card Counter

This is an extraordinary drama with gambling elements that were meant to be released last year. However, the global pandemic postponed the completion to 2021. With Oscar Isaac as the main character, this will become a classic casino movie for sure. If you want to enjoy the amusement, go ahead and find your favorite game on this site.

Acasa, My Home

This movie is all about off the grid life in Bucharest. A low-income family living in the world now has to face the authorities. They are required to step off the land and get incorporated into the modern society lifestyle. Through the plot, you will get a unique perspective on freedom, family, and society.

The Sparks Brothers

The band Sparks has existed since 1960, gaining a broad audience over the world. They are quite famous for changing postures and styles, which is adored by their fans. The premiere will happen on January 30, featuring Edgar Wright as the band chronicler.

The White Tiger

This absolutely fantastic movie features the story of a young man that escapes his humble village life. Then, he becomes a successful businessman. However, the journey to success isn’t quite simple. There are lots of violent things and bribery on the way.


The movie features Taylor Takahashi, a new star with huge potential. He is a basketball player that wants to become a part of the NBA. However, his dream job is obstructed by his parents. They have a different idea of success, so he is left to struggle.

A Glitch in the Matrix

The idea that we live in a simulation has existed for years. A Glitch in the Matrix is a movie that covers this subject, with the belief that we live in an illusion. Furthermore, the plot includes interesting theories about modern life. If you enjoy conspiracy theory themed movies, then don’t miss seeing this one. It is expected to be released in February.

Fast & Furious 9

The Fast and Furious series is planned to be expanded in 2020. However, the pandemic did its own, and the movie was postponed. Car enthusiasts will be happy to find out that the film has its premiere in May this year. Fans will also be surprised to find out that Justin Lin returned as the director of this movie. He was responsible for Tokyo Drift, so expect to see the classic adrenaline scenes you saw there.

Last Night in Soho

As you have already seen, Edgar Wright is excellent at mixing and matching different genres. Last Night in Soho is another masterpiece, featuring a psychological thriller with the elements of a musical. Expect to see it in April this year.


No one thought that a viral Twitter thread from 2015 would be turned into a movie. It is 2021, and the story is finally here. Riley Keough and Taylour Paige have the leading role in this movie, so expect to see it in theaters in June.

Top Gun: Maverick

The extension of the classic Top Gun movie is another project postponed for 2021. The aviator’s all-time favorite movie will finally be out in July. We bet that you can’t wait to see the new story with the same character.