Film Shortage has been constantly growing since it’s launch in July 2012, and so have the number of submissions. Over time great short films have been accumulating in our backlog, causing waiting times to long over several months. Unable to respond to each submission, the submitters were often left in the dark for the long wait.

Today we are introducing our new Premium Submission that will allow us to prioritize and launch films within days of submission. The Premium Submission will also give you an early response to your submission with a critical review of your film, and an answer if your film has been selected or not, ending the grueling wait of the unknown status of your submission fairly early.

Much more

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Our Premium Submission comes with several benefits, besides the instant review and response, your film will also be featured within two weeks of the submission, instead of waiting the queue that can last over 5 or 6 months. And as a bonus, if your film is selected for a Featured Short Film*, we will invest the donated amount in form of promotion for your film in social media! Now that’s a return on Investment!

Trailers & Daily Short Picks

If you are submitting a Trailer, the Premium Submission will still be available and applicable, with an instant response and review, as well as featuring the trailer within the same week or a future selected date by you.

The same applies if your film will be selected as a Trailers or Daily Short Pick, instant response as well as an early featuring.

The Free World

Things will continue to run as they always did in the free world. Your submissions will be watched and considered like any other film, but we will not be able to answer each individual submission with confirmation and status. Only films that will be selected will be contacted weeks before for Featured Shorts, or on the day of posting for Trailers or Daily Short Picks. The wait for a Featured film can run up to 5 months, where for a Daily Short Pick it can go anywhere from 1 month to a year.

How To Submit

The submission process has not changed, by filling out the same simple form on our Submit page in just a few minutes. After submitting film you will be brought to our Premium Submission page, where you can choose to continuing on watching awesome shorts, or choosing Premium which will bring you to our secure PayPal order page.