Welcome to our second edition of the best Picks of the Month. A new segment on Film Shortage that replaces our previous favorite yearly picks by genre. The Best Picks of The Month highlight our Daily Short Picks that resonated the most with us and our audience.

Another busy month has past us,  despite being shorter there was no lack of action. The Oscars gave us two fabulous short film winners with ‘Hair Love‘ and ‘The Neighbor’s Window‘ (watch them right here on FS). Whereas Valentines Day set up a handful of cupid delivered films. The shortest month of the year also seems to have inspired the Short Shorts. February rocked all month with thrilling micro-shorts such as ‘Shadowboxers‘, ‘Feel Something‘, ‘Mud‘ and ‘Julie & I‘.

But it’s these three little films, all (unintentionally) connected by love in very different ways, that stood out to make the month as special as it was. ‘Crystal‘, directed by award-winning filmmaker Casey Gates Frey. A sci-fi romantic comedy starring comedy influencer Manon Mathews, about a neurotic young woman who thinks she’ll never find Mr. Right… until she gets access to a top-secret, artificially-intelligent matchmaking app. Le Huy Anh’s ‘The Mother‘ is one of February’s wonderful surprises. This beautifully shot film will get you all chuffed up as we follow an adult man’s journey to find his childhood again. And finally, we get the heart-breaking side of romance in Carey Kight’s ‘The Sun Shines at Night‘. Capturing the rawness of a break-up in motion, the film is driven by the dynamic and natural flow.