If you are a crypto trader, you know how hard it can be to navigate the market. That’s why many resort to acquiring stablecoins like USDC, especially in volatile periods. And once the time comes to diversify your portfolio, you might be considering WAX, which specializes in supporting NFT trading.
Before you convert USDC to WAX, it’s important to understand the advantages of both. Here are more details about the use cases and other features of these coins!

Understanding USDC

USDC is an abbreviation for USD Coin, and it’s a stablecoin available on multiple blockchains. Those are Ethereum, Hedera, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, and many more.
Circle is the company that launched USDC in 2018. The company has connections with Coinbase and other famous crypto-related brands like Bitmain. USDC belongs to fiat-pegged stablecoins. The idea is that there’s a single US dollar in reserve for each USDC token in circulation. Circle regularly publishes reports, and the Grant Thornton accounting network attests to the reserves.
There’s no price prediction for USDC since its value is pegged to the US dollar. However, if you want to read some price predictions, this is a useful page to broaden your crypto horizon and decide on the next trading move — https://godex.io/blog/dent-price-predictions-for-2021-2025.

Use Case

  • Protection against a volatile market. Cryptocurrencies are quite volatile, and if times are turbulent, you can protect your investment by acquiring USDC.
  • Connection to the USD. With the price pegged to the US dollar, this cryptocurrency can be a way to get exposure to the fiat currency.
  • Remittances. International payments are far simpler and faster than when using USD. If the US dollar isn’t available in a particular route, this stablecoin is the ideal replacement since it has the same value.
  • Crowdfunding. Company owners can acquire donations from interested investors from any location by using USDC.

Understanding WAX

Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX, is a blockchain that serves to make and trade digital collectibles. The platform offers a variety of tools for creating NFTs, marketplaces, and dApps. There’s a native developer portal, an RNG service, OAUTH and SSO, and the WAX Cloud Wallet.
WAX uses the delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism. In the classic PoS variation, the number of tokens staked is how validators confirm block transactions. The DPoS is different because it’s necessary to vote for validators or delegates who will confirm and make new blocks. Following a successful block production, validators distribute rewards to their voters.
WAX is now worth $0.064 per coin, and its market cap is $218 million. You can find about 3.38 billion WAXP tokens in circulation, with the total supply set at approximately 4.09 billion. There’s no maximum supply.

WAXP Price Prediction

There shouldn’t be many changes to WAX’s value before 2023 ends. Some indicate it could go up to $0.0686, which is a minor increase. A major coin boost is expected for 2024. WAX might be worth $0.085, while more optimistic investors predict it could even reach $0.16.
The growth will continue in 2025, with the coin set anywhere from $0.1 to $0.21, depending on the predictor you consult. Experts also agree that a long-term WAX boost will occur. They put the range of WAX anywhere from $0.27 to $$0.52.

Use Cases

The primary use case of WAXP is to support creating and trading NFTs. You can use this blockchain platform to launch your own non-fungible token. It’s also possible to trade NFTs and other virtual items, making WAXP a great choice for blockchain gaming. It’s also possible to trade the coin as a digital asset for potential profit.

USDC vs WAX: What Is a Better Investment?

It’s hard to say which is a better investment because both USDC and WAX can be good options. That depends on the market moment and your strategy. WAX is a standard digital token asset that you can acquire if you notice it’s currently available at an attractive price. Make sure to analyze relevant technical indicators, and if it seems like it’s a good addition to your portfolio, don’t hesitate to acquire it today.

USDC is a stablecoin, meaning it’s suitable if times are volatile. Acquiring a fiat-pegged currency could be a smart move to protect you from sudden price drops. USDC, however, shouldn’t be a long-term asset, and once the crisis is gone, you should think about acquiring another token.