Our Favorite Documentary Short Picks of 2018

Following our Favorite Drama Daily Short Picks from 2018, we’ve gathered the best of Documentary Short Films from our 2018 list. In our documentary selections we look for intriguing stories, but more particularly on how these stories are told.


by Josh Hayward
Still/Life // Daily Short Picks

Shadows of Greatness

by Josh McGowan
starring Sena Agbeko
Shadows of Greatness // Daily Short Picks


by Dillon M. Banda
Spirit // Daily Short Picks

Hometown: A Portrait of the American Opioid Epidemic

by Brandon Lavoie
Hometown // Daily Short Pick

Debbie Boon

by Justin Hunt & Nathan Whitmarsh
Debbie Boon // Daily Short Picks

Epiphanies in Solitude

by Guigo Foggiatto
Epiphanies in Solitude // Daily Short Picks

!aouo !a!a wa

by Walter Stoehr
!aouo !a!a wa // Documentary // Daily Short Picks

Pesada Plume

by Bowie Verschuuren & Pamela Kalkman
Pesada Pluma // Daily Short Picks

Down Again

by Nick Cavalier
Down Again // Daily Short Picks

To The Right.

by Janssen Powers
To The Right. // Daily Short Picks