Gaming is not a hobby that a lot of people do lightly. Usually, when you are invested in this world, you really love it. Gaming is something that can often be hard to put down. Spending hours at the weekend on your computer or your game console is far easier than it should be. However, this is what you should want from a good pastime. Being able to go back over and over again is a really great way to benefit your lifestyle.

As much as you might be invested in gaming, there are always new things you might want to try. This can be checking out new gaming titles, new and old. As well as this, you might even want to get out of your comfort zone and try out some genres that you’ve never looked at before. Sometimes, you can even get interested in trying something new by hearing an interesting fact. For example, there are a lot of fun facts about gaming brands that you probably don’t know. Some of the following information could be enough to get you in the mood to play.

Online Casino

Online casinos are something that just continues to grow bigger and bigger. This isn’t surprising. When you keep in mind how popular traditional casino games are, seeing how well it translated to the online world is understandable. Like all great games, it is very easy to spend endless hours playing variety of classic casino games, like roulette, blackjack and poker. To have a look at what a reputable online casino can offer, you can go to spincasino to explore the games there at There’s also a wide selection of other types of games to explore. However, there are some online casino facts you might not be too familiar with.

For example, you might not know what the world’s favourite online casino game is. If you thought it was blackjack or poker, you would be wrong. Slots actually get the most interaction from the public. You also might not know that the online casino industry is worth around 100 million USD.

Call of Duty

There are millions of people around the world who enjoy the first person shooter franchise ‘Call of Duty’. This won’t come as a shock to many as it has really revolutionised all types of gaming, not just the FPS genre. However, COD does have some hidden facts you might not be familiar with.

For anyone who has played the game before, you know that creating a class for your online multiplayer is important. However, you might not know that this feature in the game was inspired by a board game called Carcassonne. As well as this, you might not know that Modern Warfare III is the fastest selling video game of all time.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is an extremely popular gaming franchise, and now also a TV show. However, something you might not know about the brand is that the main character Joel, was actually inspired by a famous movie villain. If you have ever seen the modern day classic ‘No Country for Old Men’, then you are familiar with Llewelyn Moss. The character played by Josh Brolin was the inspiration for Joel.