Within the world of filmmaking, traditionally, the medium of the short film is considered the jumping-off point of a director’s career. Great directors like Marshall Curry, Nacho Vigolando, Taika Waititi, and Andrea Arnold have commenced their careers in the international movie arena by creating great short films, which have landed Oscar nominations for best action live short films. To explore them, we have rounded up a few short movies for your streaming pleasure.

David Lowery’s “Pioneer”

Pioneer is a film bathed in beautiful golden light. The story incorporates epic, cryptic, intimate, tender, violent – all come in the same breath. This short film is critically acclaimed with standard dialogue and the mind-blowing creation of characters. David released this short action movie in 2011 that narrates the plot where a father, in a calm storybook voice, tells his child a fierce tale about his missing mother. The whole story erupted in the mind of the audience; he never let it go.

Martin Donagh’s “Six Shooter”

With the most famous movies, “In Bruges” and “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri,” Martin Donagh created history by making one of the marvel short movies; he finally won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film for “Six Shooter.” The story describes how the man experiences an insane youngster on a train after finding out about the demise of his better half.
McDonagh has managed to take the medium of short movies to the next-level genre through his pitch-perfect writing and is a master craftsman. The film “Six Shooter” is an action movie that includes certain human emotions, just like- shocking, heartbreaking, and funny, that take part simultaneously.

Taika Waititi’s “Two Cars, One Night”

With Taiki’s recent cosmic forays showcases a different phase in his career, New Zealand native Taika Waititi’s started his career through culturally specific comedy. His fans rejoiced after “Two Cars One Night” was finally uploaded in the non-bootleg form to the internet.  
Waititi’s Oscar-nominated film Two Cars One Night, released in 2004, centers around the plot when two boys meet a woman on the parking depot at a New Zealand pub. In this short film, he rightly got the space to convey universal humanity into cultural specificity. He has a knack for showcasing young boys as his protagonists by giving them more mature characters than they are.

Andrea Arnold’s “Wasp”

Wasp is the realist tale where a married young woman out of poverty desperately needs something that works for her aside from the oppressive limitations she owes to give food to her four. Unfortunately, she is a single mother. Despite her responsibility, she suddenly met with her past cast and found the opportunity to go out for a date. She behaves agonizingly irresponsibly towards her children.

It is a phenomenal short film with a proper subject line and prosperous technique. Being so young, Andrea Arnold is the treasure of the UK and has upheld a rich film tradition in the world cinema community. “American Honey” and “Fish Tank” are the creations of Andrea Arnold, who got the chance of winning the pageant as a director, the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film with “Wasp.”

Final Verdict

Often overlooked on the previous record, the feature film directors have focussed on short films to gear and hone their vision as an artist, and the result is- rocket fuel takeoff into their career. For a fleeting moment, the national attention on the short films arose due to its excellent concept, visuals, unique storytelling, and great performances by the characters in the movies.

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