The Weekend Shortlist

This weekend I felt like going with something outside the Film Shortage rules. We have featured a couple of music videos before with ‘Escape’ by Apparat and ‘Luna’ by Malajube, but these had great exceptions. This time we will just feature a couple of music clips because the videos are wonderful short films, and we love the songs!

∆ (Alt-J) – Breezeblocks

by Ellis Bahl

This is an Award winning video for best alternative video, and rightfully so. Simply telling a story played in reverse, but the brilliance of this clip is in the constant swinging of who you think is the aggressor. A fun and thrilling watch with an addictive tune (I got this looping in my iTunes) which makes for a wonderful experimental short. Watch the video played in forward and get a feel of the linear flow (Not as exciting).

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Keane – Disconnected

by CANADA & Breakfast Club

This video created by CANADA (actually a Spanish production), completely caught me off guard. Starting off as a rather cheesy homage to some 1970’s horror films, the clip spins off and builds up into this blustering story. The cinematic style and ambiance of the entire clip is simply quite magnificent. And the song is great too!

See CANADA’s other work, including their awesome ‘New Lands’ video for Justice
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Sinema – In My Eyes feat. JD Davis

by Durant Productions

This one is here for a little more nostalgic reasons for me. I saw this clip on my trip to Italy back in 2002, and it completely blew me away! Keep in mind that the style of 3D animation was something new back then, so seeing this contrasted black & white still image 3D animation was quite astonishing. It was also made from a rather unknown band and was extremely hard to find online in the pre YouTube days, so I thought it would be a nice one to share.

Arcade Fire – We Used Wait

by Chris Milk

I like to finish with a bang, and what better way than with one of my favorite bands Arcade Fire! Technically this is not a short film, but being a graphic designer this interactive video swept me off my feet. Directed by Chris Milk with the help of some friends at Google, This Chrome Experience certainly looks at a new way of including the audience into music videos. Is this the future? I must say this might not take over music videos completely, but I do love this! Press play and don’t worry, your browser is not broken, it’s all part of the experience.

Arcade Fire's 'We Used To Wait' (The Wilderness Downtown Chrome Experiment)

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We’d love to hear your comments for these videos, and if you would like to see more short film music videos in the future.