We feel like every pick this month was a Best Pick. The impressive turn around and demand for short form content during these hard times continue to astonish us.  May was another crazy month, featuring more short inside a month than ever before!
The Best Picks of The Month highlight our Daily Short Picks that resonated the most with us and our audience.

May brought us a bit of everything.
Quarantine films like ‘A City, Paused‘, ‘The Provenance File 1.1‘ and ‘A Bloody Morning‘. See More
Documentaries like ‘Nenad, Who Plays Ping Pong‘, ‘Getting a Grammy‘ and ‘out of the blue‘. See More
Comedies like ‘This is English‘, ‘Seven Minutes Past Three‘ and ‘Fear Actually‘. See More
Science Fictions like ‘Battlesuit‘, ‘This Time Away‘ and ‘A Helical‘. See More

May’s Best

Here are a couple of shorts that stood out for the right reasons. ‘Airwaves‘ and ‘The Charge‘ are both sharp and dynamic films that are backed with some stunning photography. ‘Prefigured‘ is a grounded exploration of the paranormal; an open-ended case study into a few of the lives impacted by incomprehensible forces. And with all this confinement we thought a good Zombie Apocalypse film ‘The Axe and The Iron‘  felt right, it’s also pretty darn funny.

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