Have you ever wondered what your chances would be of successfully pulling off some of your favourite movie stunts?

Sometimes, when it comes to things like surviving a nuclear explosion by hiding in a fridge or completely swapping faces with someone, the odds can be as tricky to work out as playing online casino games. Until now.!

Mission Implausible dissects far-fetched events from 12 different blockbusters with the help of industry experts, including a pilot, stunt woman, plastic surgeon and ex-army officer, to determine which are really feasible and which Die Hard.

Is it really possible for an amputee to jump from a crane into a burning skyscraper? Or for a superspy to kitesurf to safety following an avalanche? 

Find out in our interactive guide below…

Credit: https://blog.betway.com/casino/mission-implausible-how-realistic-are-hollywood-s-best-stunts/