Who can say no to an action-packed movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat? We guess no one. From movies where the good guy has to eliminate the villain to movies with tense gambling scenes, you can find a variety of different action on-screen. In case you haven’t noticed, casinos and their universe have always been an inspiration for many directors and they’ve either made their entire movies based on casinos or have added certain scenes that support the main plot. Casinos have been around for decades, and even people who’ve never gambled enjoy to see a good casino movie where favorite actors trick the house and rake in large sums of money.

Professional casino players particularly like these movies as they get to see whether movies do reality justice and if so, then the pro players can actually learn something or at least learn which mistakes to avoid. Plus, some of these movie scenes are considered classics, especially if we’re talking about James Bond movies. So, if you want to learn which movies you should see before you can actually earn the title of a casino veteran, check out the suggestions we’ve listed below.

Casino Royale (2006)

As mentioned in the introduction, you can’t discuss casino movies and not mention James Bond movies. A Bond movie has basically become a synonym for adventure, thrill and suspense. Casino Royale is one of the most famous movies of the series and even if you’re not a die-hard Bond fan, you’ve probably at least heard of the movie if you haven’t seen it. However, if you’re a passionate casino player, you really must add the movie to your watchlist and check it out as soon as the opportunity arises and you manage to find some free time.

Casino Royale follows the usual pattern of a Bond movie— the 007 agent, in this case played by the handsome Daniel Craig, is given a mission to defeat a banker who uses his money to aid terrorists in their endevors. The movie is set in Montenegro and most of the action takes place there. The banker, played by Mads Mikkelsen, is supposed to enter a game of poker and if he wins, he will be able to continue his terrorist actions. That’s where the intelligent James Bond has to step in and prevent him from winning. The plot in itself is quite simple and easy-to-follow but the movie is nonetheless thrilling till the end as you simply can’t guess the ending.

We recommend this movie for when you’re feeling like embarking on an exciting spy adventure but without leaving your couch. Just grab some popcorn and follow Mr. Bond as he defeats his enemies.

Casino (1995)

The American crime drama Casino was directed by one of the most famous directors today, Martin Scorsese. The main role was entrusted to one of the favorite TV personalities—the witty Mr. Robert DeNiro, who plays a Jewish-American gambling expert. At the time, this movie became a huge hit and was quite successful in the box offices around the USA. On top of that, it even got nominated for an Oscar(Best Actress in a Leading Role). Even today the movie is ranked #138 on IMDb Top 250 Movies.

The movie brings to life the Las Vegas atmosphere and you can littelry see what awaits you in the gambling capital. The main character, Sam, is in charge of all the casino operations and we’re able to see what challenges he faces on a day-to-day basis. And, of course, the Mafia is involved as well, which just makes it more difficult to run the casino smoothly.

One of the well-known scenes in the movie is when a player manages to hit the jackpot not one, but three times in a row. Whether or not he figured out how to manipulate a slot machine is up to you to check in the movie.

The Card Counter (2021)

The Card Counter is a movie that came out last September and witnessed a huge box office success as many rushed to see the handsome Oscar Isaac. The main character is William Tell and we quickly learn that he is a casino veteran who has a passion for playing cards. Unlike your typical casino enthusiast, he’s quite calm and believes that the best way to beat the house is to bet small amounts of money instead of going all in and hoping for a big win. However, he’s trying to steer clear of gambling and find redemption for his past misdoings.

Once he meets Cirk, a man in desperate need of help, Tell will try to assist the young man and set him on the right path.

The bottom line

As you can clearly see, casino-themed movies have and will always be in fashion. They can keep you occupied and help you get your mind off things. So, if you don’t want to stare blankly into a wall the next time your gambling buddies talk about the latest casino movie, make sure you watch at least these ones that we listed above.