There are some 450 movies released each year. But let’s be honest: the vast majority of those movies fall into obscurity just as fast as they arrived. That’s not necessarily a reflection of their quality, just that, for whatever reason, they failed to grab the public’s imagination. Then there are the movies that don’t just succeed upon initial release, but which become all-out classics that people watch for years to come. These tend to take on a life of their own. Indiana Jones, for example, is much more than just Raiders of the Lost Ark. You’ll find it everywhere, from theme park rides to a wide range of video games; indeed, take a look at using a free spin offer, and you’ll even find Indiana Jones-themed slot games. As we said, it’s bigger than the movie.

So how do you know when a movie has reached iconic status? Let’s take a look at a few telltale signs. 

It Spawns a Universe

Some classic movies are standalone works of art. But the majority spawn a universe. The biggest movies have sequels, spin-off television shows, video games, theme parks, conventions, and much more that give fans all the content they could ever want. The world of casino slots is an excellent example. Providers offer games from film franchies such as Star Wars, Avengers and The Dark Knight, among others. You don’t reach that level unless many, many people have seen and loved the movie!

Movie Lines Enter the Public Lexicon

Some movies are so iconic that even people who haven’t seen them have a solid grasp of the plot line. The famous lines of these movies also become part of the public lexicon. We can test this theory. Below we’ll find three lines from three iconic movies, and we’ll bet you know where they all came from!

  • “May the Force be with you.”
  • “I’ll be back.”
  • “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Everyone Has Seen It…Everyone Loves It

There are two types of movies. One where you can ask someone “have you ever seen [movie]?” and just accept their answer. And one where you cannot accept that they haven’t seen a movie. There are some that are so iconic that you feel that everyone must have seen them. Who over the age of 30, for example, has not seen Titanic? Once a movie enters the realm where you’re shocked when someone says they haven’t seen it, you know that you’re dealing with a bona fide classic.