We receive brilliant short films every single day, but then there are the ones that will just blow you away. We took a steep look back at our Daily Short Picks from 2016, and selected a handful of our favorites to reminisce on the good times.
A little different from our Top 10 Shorts of the year, these simply highlight some of the most memorable shorts from our Daily Short Picks batches. So take the time and watch each one of these, as they will surely captivate you with either their twisted storylines, impressive VFX, or simply by unexpected star presences. This first edition focuses on the Drama and Science Fiction selections, stay tuned in the coming weeks for the Experimental/Documentary and Comedy editions.


by Brie Larson & Dustin Bowser
starring Brie Larson

Weighting | starring Brie Larson

An Entanglement

by Dylan Sanford
starring Shiri Appleby, Sean Bell and Gary Wolf

An Entanglement | Daily Short Picks

Up On The Roof

by Nour Wazzi
starring Maisie Williams

Up on the Roof || Daily Short Picks


by Andrew Kightlinger
starring Alan Ruck & Judith Hoag

Daily Short Picks || Destroyer

The Hope You Promised Love

by Jack Weatherley
starring Jim Sturgess & Stacy Martin

The Hope You Promised Love | Daily Short Picks

Dime Crimes #34

by Ed Hellman & John Michael Wagner

Dime Crimes #34 || Daily Short Picks


by Henrik B. Clausen

Arene | Daily Short Picks


by Oscar Sharp
starring Thomas Middleditch

Sunspring | Daily Short Picks

On Sunday

by David Lea

On Sunday || Daily Short Picks

TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story

by Samgoma Edwards & Samtubia Edwards

Star Wars Fan Film

Call of The Empire

by Trevor Kerr

Call of the Empire || Star Wars Fan Film


by Joe Sill

Daily Short Picks | Kara