As you know, we’ve been pretty adamant in the past about Vimeo being the better option for filmmakers. And we still stand by some points like the slightly better quality and much cleaner / less distracting interface. However with the ever-growing popularity of YouTube Channels dedicated to short film, the tides have slightly shifted. And the reason is simple, more quality films are now engaging the bigger masses that YouTube can bring – and the demand is high! While Vimeo almost certainly requires a (not easy to get) Staff Pick to bank in the thousands of views, YouTube takes advantage of its complex algorithms to bump up good content to reach an infinite amount of viewers. And let’s face it, YouTube’s audience is astronomic in comparison.


What’s Coming up?

With several new original projects in the planning, we’ve decided to unearth our YouTube Channel to offer Exclusive content like short film premieres, interviews and our brand new Radio Shorts which are coming very soon.

This of course changes nothing from our submission and featuring process on our website, we are still fully dedicated to help push your film out there whether it’s hosted by us or yourselves. The YouTube Selections will be made through the accepted films received from our submissions, with permission from the filmmakers.

Our first Selections ‘And Then God Laughed‘, ‘Connie & Blyde‘ and ‘Away From it All‘ are already out, with a bunch more set to premiere.