April was an expectedly tough month for everyone, but luckily we have brilliant filmmakers that love to keep us entertained. We all asked ourselves what will people do with their free time now? Watching TV, playing casino games using bonuses from the website gamblizard.com or spending time outside? We’ve been surprisingly overwhelmed with submissions of films made in isolation. We were so inspired by them that we created #QuarantineCreatives as an initiative to further highlight the brilliant resourcing from filmmakers. Be sure to go check out confined creativity at its finest!

The Best Picks of The Month highlight our Daily Short Picks that resonated the most with us and our audience.

April’s Best

Since it was such a packed month and people have more time on hand, we’ve added a fourth bonus pick to the list. Paul Trillo was back with a new short in April, and anyone who follows his work (At The End of The Cul-de-Sac, A Truncated Story of Infinity, The Brain and You) would know to expect something special.  But this one stretched our expectations, literally. ‘Until There Was Nothing‘ is an experimental montage pieced together repurposing old and unused material to create something new. ‘Skeletons‘ is a story about an ageing sex line worker who escapes a crooked marriage after she falls in love with a corpse. A twisted story with a sharp photography and particular characters makes this twenty-two minute film a real treat to watch.

We need to keep laughing in these difficult times, and that’s exactly what ‘Good Mourning‘ does – despite its funebrial setting. Starring Reilly Anspaugh and Geoffrey James the film follows a girl’s efforts to give a touching eulogy at her grandfather’s funeral. Which are thwarted when her loose cannon ex-boyfriend shows up in his work clothes. And finally we get more peas than we bargained for in ‘Pete’s Putrid Peas‘; a genre-bending break-up film that brings you into the world of an isolated social media influencer and his self-inflicted Instagram challenge of eating nothing but peas for three weeks.

Bonus Featured Pick