There’s something truly special about this time of year. Here is a handful of our favourite terrorizing short films that are perfectly tailored for Halloween!

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by Neill Blomkamp

Stranded in an Arctic mine, two lone survivors are forced to fight for their lives, evading and hiding from a new kind of terror.

Part of Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) and Oats Studios series of experimental films. Zygote stars Dakota Fanning and Jose Pablo Castillo. This film is a follow up to Firebase, and possibly features the most grotesque and terrifying monster you ever seen.

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Night of The Slasher

by Shant Hamassian

A “one-take” slasher film about a teenage girl who lures a masked killer by purposely committing horror movie sins.

Not the typical slasher film you’ve grown to get used to. Night of the Slasher has all the clichés you would expect from a slasher; the half-naked dancing, sex, alcohol, drugs and a masked murder, but in a twisted reinvented order.

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Dark Wake

by Abdul Ali

A lonely recluse lives a recurring nightmare – he is trapped in a cycle where large demonic creatures devour him over and over again.

In the wake of Halloween and a the revival of some awesome monster movies and shows, Abdul Ali brings us a terrifying nightmare from a lonely recluse, featuring an imaginative set of creatures. Trapped in a cycle, his only hope of escaping is a strange being who speaks to him through a hole in the wall. Not quite human, its face is scarred and worn. But it’s intentions are unclear – does it want to help or harm?

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The Rickety Lady

by Patrick Mason

Don’t set her free or she won’t let you be…

A man finds an old toy with something sinister hidden inside.

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by Josh Tanner

A man attempts to exit an underground car park. Something doesn’t want him to.

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