Almost every genre of film is closely associated with the most famous city of excitement. You’ve probably already guessed what city we are talking about, right? Yes, it’s Las Vegas, famous and adored by gamblers. Typically, movies about Las Vegas reveal many interesting plots, such as drama, action, and comedic adventures. The city of lights, fountains, and excitement attracts many directors, so there are so many movies in Las Vegas that you can’t watch them all at once. Here, there is a list of movies about Las Vegas you should watch!

Las Vegas – the city of film directors

First, let’s take a brief look at this industry and find out why Las Vegas attracts so many filmmakers:

  • Beautiful and bright architecture, which is a big plus as you do not need to create scenery from scratch
  • Gambling establishments and slot machines as a part of the plot
  • The famous desert, in which you can recreate scenes in the western genre

Yes, the land-based gambling establishments displayed in movies with Las Vegas look very nice, but you must admit that it is not very convenient to travel, for example, from Washington to Vegas to play slot machines. Therefore, modern online establishments, which are accessible from mobile devices, have become super popular.

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List of the Best Films About Las Vegas

Las Vegas movies have a special highlight because a special action takes place in such a place. For example, robbery, funny adventures, romantic scenes, and even fantasy. Yes, Las Vegas new movies will continue to be filmed by top directors, but let’s look at the classic ones, which just blow up home theaters and are never boring for movie lovers. So, stock up on popcorn and drinks. Silence on the site, camera, motor – let’s go

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Let’s start our list of Las Vegas movies with the cult film. It’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The genre of this masterpiece is based on drama, comedy, and adventure. The film was directed by Terrence Vance Gilliam and was based on the book by Hunter Stockton Thompson. The tape was released on May 22, 1998. One of the main roles was played by Johnny Depp. Now, we will briefly describe the plot without spoilers.

Journalist Duke and his lawyer Dr. Gonzo traveled to Las Vegas to write an article about the local ‘Mint 400’ race. The main characters defamed their trip and turned it into a drug trip. The guys race in their red Chevrolet Impala, but at the same time, they are accompanied by strange hallucinations and delusions.

Naturally, the interview about the crash race failed, and instead of their work, the heroes headed to the local casino. By the way, the main characters visited the land-based casino Bazooko Circus, which is very similar to the Evolution Gaming casinos that you can find on the Casinority page. Then, the plot turns into comedy scenes. On this, we better finish so that you would be interested in watching this cool movie.

The Hangover

The list of Las Vegas movies includes another very funny movie about a bachelor party, which has a worthy sequel. This film was at the top in 2009 and people watched it at least several times. The tape was directed by Todd Phillips.

The plot was that the guys went to Vegas for a bachelor party, but after a stormy night, the company woke up in a wrecked room and no one could remember anything. And the funny thing is that the groom was not in the room at all, but there was someone’s child, a tiger was sitting in the bath, and a chicken was running around the room.

Well, what to do, where is the groom, and where did the animals and the child come from? All these questions had to be dealt with. A twisted plot and funny jokes will not let you tear yourself away from the screen. So rather watch this movie to find out what really happened at the bachelor party.

Ocean’s Eleven

Movies with Las Vegas are associated with comedies or action films. That’s why our list of Las Vegas movies includes one of the most popular action movies – Ocean’s Eleven. This crime film directed by Steven Soderbergh just blew the hearts of action and adventure lovers.

Danny Ocean is released from custody and he immediately goes to his criminal friends, as he has already prepared a risky plan. The main characters convene all their best and trusted friends in order to commit the most difficult robbery of a non-criminal casino.

In this film, the main characters were played by such actors: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts, Bernie Mac, and Elliott Gould. Be sure to check out this adventure.


Classic Las Vegas movies must have a gambling twist. So this film directed by Robert Luketic will take you completely into the world of blackjack. Yes, this film premiered in 2008, but it’s timeless. Quotes from this movie have become so popular that many gamblers use them in chats when they play at online casinos.

Here are some popular ones: “Nobody is allowed to beat the System. It’s the cardinal rule of Vegas”, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”, “In Vegas, you can be anyone”, “There is a win, you can eat.” Let’s move on to the short story of the movie, where Las Vegas in movies is what it is.

The main character is a student who has been accepted to college, but unfortunately, the guy can’t cover his tuition. The student decides to apply for a scholarship that is supposed to cover all the tuition, but it is given only to the best. The protagonist copes with his task and blinds the teacher.

Without hesitation, the teacher decided to invite the student to the private blackjack club. A group of enthusiasts found a mathematical scheme, which allowed them to count cards in a game of chance. Over time, the guys began to use their skills and won really large sums in the casino. The intrigue in this film is simply mesmerizing, especially during the trip to Las Vegas. Be sure to watch this film, as it is perceived in one breath.