The Weekend Shortlist

Yet another weekend, and I feel like I’m in need for some drama lessons, hope you are too! We have for you 4 differently dramatic shorts, and if you know dramas, there’s always a twist!

Lesson From a Stranger

by Mahmut Akay

We’ll start off with a wonderfully simple short film by Mahmut Akay about a disgruntled man running into a lost tourist. The clash with the stranger leads to a valuable lesson. The beauty of this film is in its calmness and its surrounding architecture, they did a fantastic job at scouting locations with the European styles. The silence and emptiness in such a touristic place makes it all the more interesting.


by Mark Taylor

A young man returns to his home after years of estrangement, hoping to share with them the riches that have changed his life. This is another film done on no budget, with no extra lighting nor equipment, only a Canon 7D with a lens. Yet another example that creative films with wonderful cinematography can be done with no budget.


by Izabela Ciesinska

An interesting short that takes place in an early future at the peak of an overpopulated crisis. A couple is awarded a rare lottery to conceive a child, but she is pregnant with two…
Izabela Ciesinska manages a great at creating probably a most realistic future using no flying cars or crazy gadgets. Instead she turns all focus on the story.


by Simon Dymond

And finally, this drama caught my attention because of the way it was filmed. The entire short was filmed in one single shot, with no cuts, following a girl around her house having a conversation on her phone. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not gossip girl talk! But rather much more real and you guessed it… Dramatic!

Have a great weekend!!