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Our Favorite Picks of 2016: Experimental / Documentary edition

After presenting our favorite Drama and Sci-Fi shorts from our 2016 Daily Short Picks selections, we now bring you the best Experimental and Documentary

The Irrational Fear of Nothing

by Paul Trillo

The Life and Death of an iPhone

by Paul Trillo

Daily Short Picks | The Life and Death of an iPhone


by Aaron Paradox


by Joshua Planz

Man in Phone

by Mackenzie Sheppard

Daily Short Picks | Man in a Phone

We Together

by Henry Kaplan

We Together | Daily Short Picks

Future Emotions

by Rafa Zubiria

Future Emotions | Daily Short Picks


by Théo Gottlieb

Dust | Daily Short Picks


by Anthony Sylvester

Subtunes || Daily Short Picks

We Aren’t Strangers

by Andrew De Zen

We Aren't Strangers || Daily Short Picks

Oh, Bouy Vol 2

by Ricardo Bouyett

Oh, Buoy Vol 2 || Daily Short Picks

The Wait

by David Hayes

The Wait || Daily Short Picks

Dust & Throttle

by Sam Barker

Dust & Throttle || Daily Short Picks

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