With pandemic, all sports events were canceled. Today, there are fewer UK sports betting options, fans at the stadiums and in front of TVs. Yet, people still want to get engaged in sports, and watching these movies will become a great solution.

The Main Event, 1979

Hillary, the owner of a perfume company, suddenly goes bankrupt. All she is left with is a contract with a certain boxer nicknamed Handsome Kid. The contract was made several years ago, as a tax evasion stunt. Now in desperation, Hillary decides to use her last asset and make money from boxing fights. However, it turns out that Handsome Kid hasn’t performed anywhere for a long time, and he’s not going to risk his good looks with a wide grin of thirty-two teeth, which he doesn’t want to part with in the ring. He lives pretty well off the contract money he gets from Hillary and has even opened his own auto course. Hillary tries to get Kid back in the ring.

Tin Cup, 1996

Roy McAvoy, nicknamed Tin Cup, is a former athlete who is an excellent golfer. Due to money problems, he moonlights as a golf teacher. His client becomes the blond psychoanalyst Molly Griswold, whose boyfriend happens to be David Simms, McAvoy’s former rival and now a successful professional golfer. Now their duel won’t just be on the course.

Fever Pitch, 2005

A successful businesswoman falls in love with her high school teacher Ben. At first, the girl thinks Ben is the man of her dreams and their relationship is truly perfect. But then another baseball season comes around. And then a serious rival comes in Linzie’s way – a Boston Red Sox team that her boyfriend has a fanatical love for.

Save the Last Dance, 2001

Sarah dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but because of a terrible tragedy that happens to her mother, she has to give up the idea and move in with her father in Chicago, in a dangerous neighborhood. She begins attending a “troubled” school, where she meets a nice young man named Derek Reynolds and his sister. Together with her new acquaintances, Sarah goes to the local disco, where they dance hip-hop. Derek, as an experienced dancer, offers to teach the girl this style of dance, which is fundamentally different from ballet.

Blue Crush, 2002

On a Hawaiian island paradise, four girls – Annie, her younger sister Penn, Eden and Lina – live in a beach house. They work as maids at the local hotel during the day, and the rest of the time they conquer the waves. Annie is going to a big surfing competition. And all goes well until Matt Tollman shows up, which causes Annie to start losing her balance.

Playing for Keeps, 2012

Handsome George is a former football star from Scotland who has fallen on hard times, causing him to have to move to Virginia. There, by chance, he becomes the coach of the children’s football team. From that moment, he becomes a superstar.

Bend It Like Beckham, 2002

Young Jess, from an Indian family, lives in London. Her family, as tradition dictates, is looking for a decent husband for Jess and making plans for her future career as a lawyer. But the girl is in love with football: her room is covered with posters of David Beckham and all her free time, she runs a ball in the park, proving to the guys that girls can play football just like guys.

One day, during another game in the park, Jess meets Jules, who invites her to a training session with the women’s soccer team. There, the girl falls in love with her coach Joe.

Step Up 2: The Streets, 2008

Street dancer Andy enrolls at the Maryland School of the Arts. She has to prove she’s as good as the other students. After meeting the school’s top student, Chase, they form a band to perform in an underground dance competition. The two young people’s different styles, attitudes and approaches to training, seemingly incompatible at first, eventually begin to produce results and mutual feelings.

Wimbledon, 2004

Peter has had no luck both in his personal and professional life. But he manages to enter the prestigious Wimbledon tournament where he meets Lizzie, an American tennis star he falls madly in love with. Inspired by his newfound love, Peter climbs ever higher up the tournament ladder. His lifelong dream of winning a championship trophy might come true if his luck doesn’t change again.