Arcade Fire | Interactive Video

Montreal band Arcade Fire have done it again. They created a sneaky but successful build up to yesterday’s release date for their new single “Reflektor“. 9.9 at 9 was the scheduled time for the release, but we got surprised a few hours early with not only an mp3 of the song, but also an exciting interactive short film called “Just a Reflektor“.

The band once again gambles largely on new interactive media, after their successful and fun videos for Neon Bible, We Used To Wait (The Wilderness downtown) and Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains). This time Arcade Fire plunges you to control the video using your smartphone to spread the reflections of light inside the video, and also momentarily puts your inside the interactive video using your webcam. A rather surreal, fun and exciting experience taking you through a woman’s journey looking for guardians that will take her to the other side. Watch and control the video here. All this chained up together by Arcade Fire’s most upbeat track up to date that will have your reflections bobbling to the beat, and just as your getting to learn Win Butler‘s catchy refrain by heart for the first time, you hear a magical familiar voice shouting it with you… Yes that is indeed David Bowie‘s voice!

Find out how the brains behind the project Vincent Morisset brought this interaction together.

And if that was not enough, Arcade Fire released just a few hours later, a more conventional music video for “Reflektor” directed by Anton Corbijn. We gotta say that AF fans we’re pretty damned spoiled on this much anticipated day, that certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Looking forward to the album, definitely kicked off with a bang! Enjoy the experience!