When it comes to movies, everybody seems to enjoy them and everybody seems to have a genre that they prefer over the others. One thing that often remains the same though, is the fact that the audience love to feel connected to a specific character or characters due to how they’re being portrayed in the storyline. When people have an affinity with a specific character, they are instantly more immersed in what’s going on; and it boosts entertainment levels tenfold.

One type of character that really does stand out from the rest, when it comes to connecting with an audience, is person who risks everything for whatever the reason. The audience is intrigued with characters who risk it all, putting everything on the line, to win. They could be putting huge amounts of money at stake or even the ultimate prize, their life; and this is fascinating for many people. They not only feel more interested in the character, but they also feel more immersed in the storyline; as they try and figure out just why the protagonist is taking these risks in the first place.

James Bond / Casino Royale

A prime example of a risk taker in movies that people have not only grown to love but continued to be fascinated by is James Bond. This British spy is probably the world’s most famous secret agent, who constantly puts his life on the line in every film; and this only serves to increase excitement levels. In Casino Royale, Bond risks his own life to take down notorious terrorist banker Le Chiffre in Montenegro over a game of poker. The fact that his life is on the line for the greater good will only enamour him more to viewers.

Ocean's Eleven

Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven is another protagonist that people have long been fascinated about. He comes out of prison and wants to do a big job, a heist worth millions of dollars. He has The Bellagio, The Mirage and The MGM Grand all is his sights as he looks to take the casinos, and their owner Terry Benedict; to the cleaners for around $150 million without anyone knowing. His mentality is simply, it’s all or nothing. It’s like he literally has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Movie buffs love nothing more than watching a film that is gripping and intense with high stakes in play. They love characters who they are instantly intrigued about, and whose personalities are potentially hard to understand at first. Risk takers such as your James Bonds, your Danny Oceans and even Bruce Willis’ character in Die Hard, John McClane, draw viewers in; and ultimately increases the chances of the film being a success and sequels being considered.

Die Hard

It can be argued that one of the few pastimes that would bring this type of feelings to life, would be playing poker or blackjack at an online casino like Unibet. Players here, would maybe not be risking everything on a card game; but would be able to get that sense of excitement and thrill which comes with that element of risk and chance of winning or losing.

In the movies as in real life, you could say that the most fascinating of risk takers are those who put everything on the line in for good and John McClane, as mentioned earlier, is a prime example of a character who puts his life on the line and against all the odds comes out on top. These sorts of films are often full of action, thrills and edge of the seat moments, which is exactly what everyone wants from a great movie!