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Little Texas // Short Film Trailer

Little Texas is a story that is all too familiar to many women in Texas. After the defunding of women’s health clinics across the state, some women have to travel as for as 500 miles to receive affordable reproductive care. Ellie is no exception. Little Texas follows her as she[…]

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The Hilltop // Short Film Trailer

In 1900s rural New Zealand two police officers hunt down a wanted criminal for the horrific murder of his wife and child. Upon finding him they realize he is not the animal they imagined and start to discover that there is more to the story. With night falling and the[…]

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Edisto Island // Short Film Trailer

Edisto Island is about a young teen who is faced with horror, while waking up on a secluded island after taking his own life. The film depicts in an experimental way what life is like after one commits suicide. Himself and everyone he meets has to relive their past life[…]

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