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Carino // Short Film Trailer

After years of leaving her hometown to pursue her passion for music, Nicole, a mid-twenties now successful pianists goes back in an attempt to reconnect with the town she left behind… And the people in it. In that, she’ll meet again with her grandfather Frank, a once strong, powerful man[…]

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Game // Short Trailer

A young boy struggles to endure his sister’s twisted game and accept his mother’s death. Premieres on Film Shortage September 16.

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brief. // Short Film Trailer

brief. is a story about the moment when two strangers meet and suddenly find themselves familiar. It’s a film about how fast we fall and how easy it can be to open up to someone you’ve just met. Set against the backdrop of a high contrast art gallery opening, Boy[…]

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Les Confinés // Short Trailer

A Jewish woman on the run in 1940s Germany finds shelter in an open cellar only to end up in the middle of the owners’ domestic trouble. Premieres on Film Shortage September 2nd

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Rebel // Trailer

A young boy discovers a family in the woods while playing and begins to question the purpose of his father’s militia, in Pier-Philippe Chevigny’s provocative, nuanced portrayal of a child’s unsettling encounter with the full implications of his family’s ideology.

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