Here we go again! Our favourite time of the year is upon us with a look back at this year’s most awesomest trailers. Our judgements come from the trailers alone, without any influences from the actual films, and scored based on originality, creativity, editing and story, but most important, the overall selling point to the film!

Enjoy our Top 5 short film trailers of 2014, gathered from our Featured Trailers.

5. Father & Son

Father & Son is just a fantastic teaser. The enflaming dramatic music and a simple one-shot tilt to reveal an important character’s silhouette is just a build up to the big twist, or revelation just at the end of it. We might not know much about the film and what it’s about, but one thing’s for sure, this trailer makes you say “Woah” and leaves you thirsty for more.

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4. Snow King

Ok we’re suckers for Grzegorz’s work, but who wouldn’t be? Snow King is just a mind boggling teaser that mixes dramatic horrors of war with exquisite and quite creepy imaginational stop motion animation. Yes we want to see more!

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3. Chase Me Through

Chase Me Through completely left us breathless, the trailer is beautiful and represents the film to the bone. Most certainly one of the most underestimated short films we have seen this year, but the trailer speaks for itself.

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2. Construct

So Keloid didn’t make a trailer this year (best trailer for 2012 & 2013), but we certainly got our futuristic droid-ruling world fix with this one; Construct stuns us with incredible VFX and humanoid-acting robots.

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1. Sundays Teaser 02

Reaching #2 in last year’s Top 5 with their first teaser trailer, Post Panic heightened the expectations to a new level with the release of their second teaser trailer just a couple of months later. ‘SUNDAYS’ is an intelligent sci-fi film which promises to challenge the viewer with philosophical questions about the future of humanity. Yes, we are eagerly awaiting this one!

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Bonus Must-See Trailer

A few trailers did not make the top 5, but were very close and definitely deserve a high mention.



Sync | Must See Trailer
Everything about this trailer rocks, music, VFX and especially the Sync robot itself.



On/Off | Must See Trailer
This short caught our attention at the Montreal Fantasia Film Festival, the trailer speaks of the film’s stunning visuals.


Holder’s Comma

Holder's Comma Short Film Trailer
There’s something about Thibaut Duverneix‘s work that speaks to us, this trailer is simple, but quite entrapping.


Flesh Computer

Flesh Computer | Featured Short Film
This film was a sweet bit of mind jarring storytelling, and the trailer simply exploited the film’s twisted storyline and teased us with a fantastic mix of music and science fiction.

Thank you for watching trailers on Film Shortage! The selection has been extremely difficult and there are many other trailers that deserve to be up here as well. Visit our Trailer Pages and let us know which trailers deserve to be here among these great ones.

From everyone at Film Shortage, have a joyous New Year!

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