Red 14 Films Has Partnered with Authors Jason Ockert, Matt Bell, Monica Drake, and Scott Dominic Carpenter to Produce Literary Short Films (Book Trailers) for Each of their Most Recent Books

Since its inception in 2011, the independent film production company Red 14 Films has produced over forty literary short films, known also as cinematic book trailers. Their decidedly artistic approach has earned them partnerships with authors such as Anthony Swofford (Jarhead), Victoria Redel (Loverboy), and Stefan Kiesbye (Your House is on Fire, Your Children All Gone), and performances in their productions by actors like Oscar nominee Eric Roberts.

What Are Cinematic Book Trailers?

Red 14 Promo from red 14 films on Vimeo.

Red 14 Films have just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund four new literary shorts involving authors Jason Ockert, Matt Bell, Monica Drake, and Scott Dominic Carpenter. Their goal is to raise $10 000 in 40 days to be able to produce these four literary trailers. Backer incentives include signed book copies, journal subscriptions, online workshops, and free literary shorts. The books’ publishing houses (Dzanc Books, MG Press, and Soho Press) are also offering book bundles and eBooks.

Cinematic Book Trailers opens an entire new door to filmmakers and short film enthusiasts looking for stories for their next films. An interesting idea that helps the publishing industry that’s currently flooding under the digital media.

There’s an opportunity with this campaign not just to create four exquisite shorts, but to generate new possibilities for writers, both established and struggling, to reach their audiences.

Red 14 Films’ Press Release

Visit their Kickstarter campaign page to get more info and give a helping and receive free copies of the books!