When it comes to successful film franchises, the fact that Marvel is a household name speaks for itself. When you consider that Marvel is the film franchise that has made the most money at the box office with an incredible $27.5b, it is no wonder it’s a film franchise that everyone wants to be a part of. Betway Insider recently looked into popular film franchises & what awards they had won – Marvel was top of the list with an impressive 555 awards to its name. But, what is it that makes the Marvel franchise so popular?

They Only Put Out Quality Films

Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not, one thing you have to admit is that the films they put out are always made to the highest quality. There isn’t a Marvel film that has cheaped out in terms of budget or actors, which means that every film they have created has been high quality. Fans of action films tend to like when films offer high-quality work and effects, so this is certainly an area Marvel can count itself a winner.

What They Offer is Consistent

If you’re into superheroes then pretty much every Marvel film is going to float your boat. In terms of action and superhero heroics, these films offer a consistent movie experience. The production of their films since 2007 has all been run through their in-house production studio, Marvel Studios which means that even though the films are all different, they all have that same Marvel feel to them – and that is something that movie fans will love.

They Capture the Imagination

Watching a film has always been an opportunity to experience a little escapism and that is something Marvel does extremely well. You might assume that flying superheroes and fast-actioned heroics would be too much of a stretch away from real life for people to really enjoy, but that is not the case at all. Instead, Marvel has done amazingly at creating a whole new universe for these characters to live in and that has left movie fans consistently wanting more.

They Do More Than Just Films

One part of the Marvel success comes from the fact that they don’t just concentrate on films. You only have to enter any toy store to see that merchandise is something that they do extremely well. This allows people to collect memorabilia of their favourite characters and really feel connected to the superheroes that they love so much. You only have to look at the Betway research and how often films are searched for to see that Marvel is a franchise that is popular the world over. In fact, in terms of internet searches for the time period that Betway researched, Spider-Man came out on top.
There are many things that contribute to the Marvel magic, but well-made films, decent story lines, a little action and characters that are loveable really help – after all, everyone wants their favourite superhero to come out on top!