2017 has been mostly a disappointing year for Hollywood. Apart from one or two flicks, nothing stuck with the audience. Many famous directors, production houses and even actors could not live up to their names.
It was really a letdown for the fans who were expecting something exciting and memorable from the film makers.

The Top Anticipated movies that failed hard

Let’s check out the most anticipated movies of 2017 that failed to generate expected business or were met with negative reviews.

The Mummy

The Mummy
Tom Cruise in ‘The Mummy’

You must remember the success of the original move released in 1999. From then a plethora of mummy movies have been made all over the world. So when Universal took over the challenge of releasing another mummy movie in 2017, many were excited.

One of the reasons for the anticipation was Tom Cruise who even had the privilege of altering the script as he wanted. But the movie failed to impress anyone when it came out.

Cruise did not suit his role and there was nothing in the movie that hasn’t been done before. Sofia Boutella did provide some moments of good performance, but nothing stands out in the end. She can be included in the top 3 scream queens of Horror-wood with her screaming scenes!

The movie just gives a feel of playing an action game in the Red Flush casino. In fact, we didn’t really understand why there was a need of a remake for this movie in the first place – the Mummy was such a classic that it remains fresh in the minds of many even today.


Dwayne Jonhson in Baywatch
Dwayne Jonhson in Baywatch

A movie inspired from the popular TV series featuring scantily clothed supermodels running on the beach!

But the formula which made the series popular didn’t work for the movie.

The movie is outright awful and the comedy scenes are incapable of tickling your funny bones. Dwayne Johnson and his companions investigate a criminal plot which threatens the bay. But the plot is really lacking and there is no excitement in the action scenes.

You have an experience of sitting at a dentist’s office rather than being at the beach!
It’s better to play a game at Red Flush casino than watch this movie.

The Circle

The Circle
We have seen many instances when a movie based on a novel didn’t turn out well. But it’s hard to believe that a movie with names like Tom Hanks and Emma Watson failed to make an impact on the box office.

The sci-fi thriller dealing with ideas like privacy and information in the digital age didn’t fare much with the audience. It grossed just $20 million in the domestic market while the budget was $18 million.

The ideas brought up are interesting, but the plot fails to weave them in an interesting narrative. Tom Hanks did his best, but that didn’t make any difference!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword by Guy Ritchie

You generally don’t expect a Guy Ritchie movie to hit the basement. But that’s what happened with the movie which didn’t even recover its $175 million budget and $100 million marketing expense.

But according to some critics, people didn’t get the British humor presented in the movie. People who follow Ritchie are sure to enjoy the movie and understand the nuances.

Thankfully, it’s not just 2017 that has seen anticipated movies failing hard. Remember the Ghost Rider? It couldn’t even recover one tenth of its budget – and had no takers at the box office.