The Weekend Shortlist

Pursuing on a foreign week with featured short film ‘Here Rests My Home‘ from Portugal, and featured trailer ‘Recursion‘ from Mexico, we will continue the weekend with a foreign affair. Presenting three shorts from Mexico, France and Turkey.

Bonne fin de semaine!
Tener un gran fin de semana!
Harika bir hafta sonu var!


by Aram Vidal

Earlier this week we presented the trailer on FilmShortage to this mind-bending short film, not only mind-bending from its erotic continuity and graphics, but mostly from its twisted puzzled-loop plot that makes me think of a film like ‘Cube‘. This time it’s two girls waking up in a locked room not knowing how they ended up there.

È finita la commedia

by Jean-Julien Collette & Olivier Tollet

Despite the Italian title, this is a French short film directed by Jean-Julien Collette & Olivier Tollet. The Italian title refers to an Italian saying, which is reffered too in the film ‘È Finita la commedia’, meaning ‘The Comedy is Over’. The black & white short is about a father and son having an intense conversation about life, love, sex, death and mother/wife. The two appear to be in collaboration over something and it is obvious that they have an unusually close relationship. Time goes by and although the questions keep coming they remain unanswered. What are they waiting for?

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by Serhat Orhan

Turkish short film directed by Serhat Orhan. Yavuz, a young worker, gets his truck stolen on his first day of his new job as gas cylinder delivery man. This misfortune with delicate timing makes his boss question his involvement, and with the added pressure by his father Yavuz tries to find a way to repay his boss.