The Weekend Shortlist

Feeling a little down? We have what it takes to cheer you up: The Weekend… and 4 cheerful shorts!

Bonne fin de semaine!

On How To Feel Better

by Joshua Kang

Please follow these steps and you will be okay.

More (The Hunter Pixilation Project)

by Kevin Chiu

Featuring 140 students and faculty from Hunter College High School in New York, get a sample of the diversity, passion and energy that make up this incredible community while flying through the school at breakneck speeds.

1991 photos compiled at 8 FPS – shot entirely on a Canon T3.

The film is based on the track ‘Leaves’ by Cheers Elephant and inspired by Greg Jardin’s stop-motion New York City video.

Shanghai Love Market

by Craig Rosenthal

Every weekend in Shanghai’s famous People’s Park, parents hang poster to match make their unwed children. But when true love is at stake, sometimes even the best-laid plans have a funny way of coming undone.

Flamingo Pride

by Tomer Eshed

Let’s finish off with another funny animated short that will bring stereotypes and flamingos in one party produced by the amazing animation studio Talking Animals and the Academy of Film and Television (HFF).

Frustrated about being the only straight flamingo in a gay flock the hero falls in love with a lady stork that flies by. Unable to convince her of his serious intentions he isolates himself and goes through an identity crisis. An intensive encounter inspires him to do a bold move.