The Weekend Shortlist

With our favorite robots (or at least my favorite), Daft Punk, releasing their first single in over 8 years this week, we thought of headlining the Weekend Shortlist with a cool futurist android short.

We have two wonderful, and original CG animated science fiction films as a Gift to fill the little Void in your weekend. (Puns intended!)

The Gift


Our favorite CG creation studio is back with some more bots. If you don’t know what we are talking about, or who BLR VFX are, you MUST to a look at their short trailer for Keloid, our choice for the best trailer of 2012.

Directed by Carl E. Rinsch, ‘The Gift’ Belongs to the “pararell Lines” Phillips Cinema campaning. Placed in Russia, The Gift is a Sci-Fi short with a savage chase sequence with more than 20 full CGI shots. With such an unusual atmosphere and sense, this is definitely not the regular Sci-fi film we are used to see.


by Arsen Arzumanyan

A cool, out-of-the-box original short film. Short, but dramatically sweet!

As two miners drill on a mysterious surface, their drill hits and bores into metal causing the ground to break around them. One of them dies and as the other still hangs by his oxygen hose, he comes to see the underground city of Paris.